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Axe Thrower Camp
PortraitBuildings 27
Train your Villagers to become Axe Throwers for fighting, increases your Warband Warband by 2.
Building Woodcutter's Lodge, Building Training Camp
Wood 50
Upkeep Cost
Kröwns 24 (yearly)
Upgrade Cost
Wood 100, Kröwns 50, Stone 10
Upgraded Upkeep Cost
Kröwns 46 (yearly)

The Axe Thrower Camp allows you to train Villagers into Axe Throwers for a price of Kröwns 30 Kröwns; this price increases by Kröwns 6 Kröwns for every Axe Thrower trained. If an Axe Thrower is lost either due to death or being recruited at another building, the price will revert to the corresponding level.

Also allows you to Hire a Warchief. Only one of each Warchief can be hired at a time, regardless of the number of Military Camps.

Clan Brundr and Kaelinn Brundr and Kaelinn has this building replaced with the Archery Range.

Upgradebuildings Upgraded

Gain + 1 Warband Warband capacity and increase Axe Thrower Axe Throwers attack power by 5%.