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Overview[ | ]


The Clan of the Bear. Stalwart protector of the land, the Clan of Bjarki is home to the most resilient warriors. Hailing from the northern reaches of the realm, they are also very well suited to survive the harsh winters of Northgard.

The Clan of the Bear is a balanced and adaptable clan. Late game Shield Bearers from this clan are a force to be reckoned with, especially if fighting during winter.

Warchief[ | ]

Borgild Borgild

Starting Bonuses[ | ]

  • Food Food and Wood Firewood penalties in winter are reduced by 30%.
  • You can summon Kaija, the Armored Bear Kaija, the Armored Bear at your Warband Military Camp for Kröwns 40 Kröwns and Food 40 Food. It regenerates and produces food near fish.
  • Instead of having reduced power, your Warband Military units gain a 10% resistance bonus during winter.

Fame Bonuses[ | ]

  • Fame 200 Fame : Kindred Spirit
Having Kaija, the Armored Bear Kaija, the Armored Bear or Borgild Borgild in a zone increases local production by 15%.
  • Fame 500 Fame : The Bear Awakens
You gain Fame +3 Fame per enemy unit killed in a zone with Borgild Borgild. Your Warband Military units gain 1.5% AttackPower power per Fame 100 Fame. Kaija, the Armored Bear Kaija, the Armored Bear can now go in enemy territory.

Lore Lore Tree[ | ]

Sharp Axes

Your Woodcutter Woodcutters will produce 20% more Wood Wood.


Reduces the amount of Food Food necessary to colonize one zone by 30%.


Food Silo Food Silos gain a 10% Food Food production bonus. Also reduces Food Silo Food Silo upgrade cost by 50%.


Permanently increases population growth speed by 25%. You gain an additional 5% during 4 months for each unit from your clan killed by an enemy clan or sacrificed (max +75%).

Bear red-24x24

Your non-sick clan members health regenerates during winter in allied territory.


Reduces extra Wood Firewood consumption during winter by 50% and reduce winter Food Food penalty by 20%.

Bear red-24x24

Fish Fish production is increased by 30% and 1 more Fisherman Fisherman can be assigned.


Increases all your military units' attack power by 20%.

Bear red-24x24
Protector of the Land

Gain +1 Happiness Happiness per zone with at least one military camp.

Defensive Strategy

Increases you civilians' attack and your Defense Tower Defense Towers' resistance by 30%.

Military Strategy

Military units gain +5% attack for each type of friendly military unit in the zone (max +25%).

Bear red-24x24
Shield Mastery

Shield Bearer Shield Bearers' weapon forge is free.
Increases the resistance of all military units by 5%.

Legendary Heroes

Improves your Warchief Warchief's attack and defense by 25%.

Monster Slayer

Improves your military units' attack by 10% against DragonkinDraconic units and by 30% against other mystical creatures. Also increases Military Experience Military Experience gains by 50% for each mystical creature killed.

Mining Efficiency

Miner Miners extract Stone Iron ore from deposits 30% faster.


Unlocks the Lighthouse Lighthouse.
Increases Sailor Sailors' resource production by 25%.


Your TradingRoutesTrade Routes produce +100% Kröwns Kröwns.
Your Merchant Merchants will produce 20% more Kröwns Kröwns.


Increases Loremaster Loremaster production by 40%. Your next Carved Stone Carved Stone is free.

Carpentry Mastery

Reduces your buildings' upgrade costs by 20%.
Reduces upkeep from upgraded buildings by 20%.


Reduces prices on the Marketplace Marketplace by 50% and stock replenishment is 20% faster.

Trading Caravan

TradingRoutesTrade Routes earn 20% more Kröwns Kröwns. Relations with neutral factions improve 20% faster.

Relic[ | ]

Scabbard of Gram Scabbard of Gram : Your Warchief wields the sword Gram. Enemies hit by Gram are frozen, along with the area around them. Gives +10% attack, +10% defense to Borgild.

Trivia[ | ]

  • In team multiplayer and co-op Conquest allies of the Bear clan benefit from Kindred Spirit.

Conquest[ | ]

In "conquest" mode, all clans play a series of 11 maps. The first, middle, and last maps in the sequence give hard-coded, clan-specific bonuses; the other maps randomly generate generic bonuses (which may or may not affect clan-specific units/buildings). The special bonuses for this individual clan are as follows:

  • Start with Kaija, the Armored Bear. Kaija gains +10 attack power and defense.
  • Shieldbearers start with their weapon improved.
  • Start with the Scabbard of Gram available.

Other Clans[ | ]