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Train your Villagers to become Brewers to increase your clan's Happiness Happiness
Building Woodcutter's Lodge
Wood 80, Kröwns 40
Upkeep Cost
Kröwns 24/27/30/32 (yearly by difficulty)
Upgrade Cost
Wood 100, Kröwns 50, Stone 10
Upgraded Upkeep Cost
Kröwns 57 (yearly)

The Brewery allows you to train 2 Brewer Brewers that will produce Happiness 2 Happiness each.

Upgradebuildings Upgraded

  • Allows to recruit one more Brewer Brewer.
  • Increase Brewers Happiness Happiness production in the area by 50%.

Clan Eikthyrnir Eikthyrnir has this building replaced with the Hall of Skalds. Clan Lyngbakr Lyngbakr has this building replaced with the Hörgr. Clan Ratatoskr Ratatoskr has this building replaced with the Stove.