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Lynx round.pngBrundr is a unique unit of Lynx clan
Brundr model.png
Brundr is the youngest, playful brother. He may look like an innocent cat, but his scratches are no joke.
Health.png 60
Attack Power
AttackPower.png 10
Def.png 7
65 XP.png
60 Kröwns.png + 40 Food.png
Purr, purr, purr.
~ Brundr.

Brundr is a Unit unique to the Clan of the Lynx. Together with Kaelinn and Mielikki, Brundr is a replacement for the Warchief for the Clan of the Lynx.

Special Abilities:

Special abilities[]

  • Sharp Eye: Brundr and Kaelinn can reveal undiscovered areas. Upgrade the Scout Camp to reveal an enemy area. Can hide from foes, unless war is declared in the zone.
  • Nature Takeover: Increase the decolonization speed by 10% for each Brundr and Kaelinn in the zone. Shared with Mielikki.
  • Caring Sibling: Brundr and Kaelinn regenerate health when on the same allied zone. Brundr has +20% attack power while in the same zone as Kaelinn.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Brundr and Kaelinn each produce food in territory. Kaelinn has +40% defense while in the same zone as Brundr.