Over 22 different buildings are available to be built in Northgard in order to skill, feed and defend your clan people and to obtain several resources. Villagers need to be assigned to buildings to benefit from them. In order to be built different resources are needed. Some buildings can only be built on tiles where the natural conditions prevail.

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Image Building Purpose
PortraitBuildings 52
Town Hall The Town Hall will recruit new Villagers to your clan when your Happiness Happiness is 0 or above.
PortraitBuildings 15
House The House increases your max Population size by +5.
PortraitBuildings 16
Scout Camp The Scout Camp is a building that will train villagers to become Scouts.
PortraitBuildings 17
Woodcutter's Lodge The Woodcutter's Lodge allows the gathering of Wood which is used to produce nearly every building and is used in upgrading as well as Firewood so that your units don't freeze during Winter.
PortraitBuildings 18
Training Camp Increases your Warband size and recruits military units.
PortraitBuildings 27
Axe Thrower Camp Train your Villagers to become Axe Throwers for fighting, increases your Warband by 2.
Shield Camp Shield Bearer Camp Train your Villagers to become Shield Bearers for fighting, increases your Warband by 2.
Skirmisher Camp Skirmisher Camp Train your Villagers to become Skirmishers for fighting, increases your Warband
PortraitBuildings 19
Trading Post Train your Villagers to become Merchants, they will gather Kröwns and establish trading routes.
PortraitBuildings 20
Fisherman's Hut The Fisherman's Hut provides food to your clan people.
PortraitBuildings 21
Fields Fields provide food to your clan people.
PortraitBuildings 22
Hunter's Lodge Hunter's Lodge provides food to your clan people.
PortraitBuildings 09
Mine Mine provides Stone Stone, Iron Iron, Rimesteel Icon Rimesteel or Gemstone Gemstone ores for your clan.
PortraitBuildings 24
Defense Tower Lends protection to the tile which it is built on.
PortraitBuildings 43
Healer's Hut The Healer's Hut enables healers to heal Clan members of damage and illness.
PortraitBuildings 32
Longship Dock The Longship Dock allows the player to hire Sailors, who provide Kröwns and Lore or Fame. This building is not available to the Raven clan.
PortraitBuildings 26
Harbor The Harbor building is only available to the Raven clan. It resembles the Longship Dock thus providing nearly the same benefit but in addition explores random costal tiles and may hire mercenaries.
PortraitBuildings 44
Carved Stone The Carved Stone allows you to recruit Loremasters who will produce Lore.
PortraitBuildings 45
Food Silo Each silo increases your maximum food storage by 300, protects 300 food from rats and increases food production from villagers, hunters, fishermen, farmers and sheep.
PortraitBuildings 47
Brewery The Brewery increases the happyness of your clan people, which is important for their growth. This building is not available to the Stag clan.
PortraitBuildings 48
Hall of Skalds The Hall of Skalds is a building only available to the Stag clan, in place of the brewery, and offers the same benefits. It increases the happyness of your clan people, which is important for their growth.
PortraitBuildings 49
Marketplace The Marketplace allows you to trade one type of resource in exchange for Kröwns and to train merchants who provide some extra Kröwns.
PortraitBuildings 36
Forge The Forge is a building required for the special victory condition of Odin's sword map. The forge is required in order to forge Odin's sword and thus win the game (while special victory option is enabled).
PortraitBuildings 37
Alter of Kings The Altar of Kings provides +2 Food, +2 Kröwn, +2 Wood, +2 Lore and +50 Fame.
PortraitBuildings 53
Mender's Hut Allows you to recruit Menders who will heal your wounded or sick clan members.
Dragonkin Altar-icon Dragonkin Altar Transforms your villagers into Dragonkins by following forgotten rituals and increases your Warband size by 1. (Clan of the Dragon only)
Sacrificial Pyre-icon
Sacrificial Pyre Through this building, any unit (except for the clan's Warchief, enthralled Jötnar or Bláinn, Spectral Warriors) can be sacrificed. Sacrificing a unit will earn a certain amount of Dragon Essence Dragon Essence depending on their type. (Clan of the Dragon only)
Völund's Forge
Völund's Forge Allows you to forge better tools, weapons and legendary relics with your warchiefs. (Clan of the Horse only)
Hörgr Train your female Villager to become Norn. They will increase your clan's Happiness Happiness and your Wyrd Wyrd]] (Clan of the Kraken only)
Fishery Train your Villager to become Fishermen who will produce Food. (Clan of the Kraken only)
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