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Carved Stone
PortraitBuildings 44
Assign your Villagers to become Loremasters to gather Lore Lore
Building Woodcutter's Lodge
Stone 10
Upkeep Cost
Kröwns 27 (yearly)
Upgrade Cost
Upgraded Upkeep Cost

Allows you to recruit a Loremaster who will produce Lore 3 Lore.

It is mainly used to achieve Wisdom Victory, allowing players to sacrifice their Stone Stone supply in order to create extra jobs for lore production, in addition to naturally generated Circle of Stones and Runestone.
If built on a Circle of Stones tile, the Carved Stone will benefit from its production bonus too (EDIT: patch of May 29, 2020, no longer allows to erect a Carved Stone on a Circle of Stones tile) . Picking up the Lore Erudition knowledge from the Lore tree allows for the construction of one free Carved Stone.

This building cannot catch fire or be destroyed by pillage.