To expand your Clans territory, Areas Scouted can be be colonized, this requires 20 Food Food initially and increases for each subsequent Area colonized.

Areas that are already occupied with other units such as Wolves or Brown Bears must first be cleared out in order to colonize them.

Only Military Units such as Warriors and Scouts can enter uncolonized Areas.

Huginn and Muninn Edit

If playing as the Clan Huginn and Muninn Areas can be colonized with Kröwns Kröwns in addition to Food Food, this costs 10 Kröwns Kröwns initially and increases for each subsequent Area colonized.

Regardless of the Resource used to colonize, both prices will scale accordingly, e.g. colonizing your first Area with Kröwns Kröwns and second with Food Food will cost the same Food Food as if you had colonized the first Area with Food Food.

Decolonization Edit

If an Area has already been colonized by another player, it must first be decolonized with Military Units. This cannot occur while the Area owner has active Clan member inside the Area. Decolonization of an Area will cause any buildings to burn and take damage over time, this damage is significantly less than the damage buildings take from sources such as an Earthquake. These buildings can be repaired and claimed by any player that then colonizes the Area.

Special buildings and relics from other players can NOT be used.

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