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Commercial Influence Commercial Influence is a resource in Northgard, which you gain by spending Kröwns Kröwns on GreaterTradingRoutes Great Trading Routes. It is the resource required to achieve Trade Victory.

Commercial Influence is an immune resource, once you have gained a Commercial Influence point, you cannot lose it or spend it in any way.

Great Trade Routes[ | ]

The only way to gain Commercial Influence is by spending gold on GreaterTradingRoutes Great Trading Routes. To enable GreaterTradingRoutes Great Trading Routes, you must:

  1. Discover Lore Shipbuilding to unlock GreaterTradingRoutes Great Trading Routes.
  2. Build a Longship Dock (or Harbor as Raven Clan).
  3. Build a Lighthouse as extension

Once these steps are done, you can start only one of the GreaterTradingRoutes Great Trading Routes at a time. You can switch to another Great Trade Route anytime, you can also completely stop Great Trade Routes if you need to. If you run out of Kröwns Kröwns, Great Trade Routes will automatically stop.

Commercial Influence gained from Great Trade Routes is not increased because of Feast Feasts. The only game mechanic that increases Commercial Influence are Negotiators and Glory of the clan knowledges, which adds 20% to all Commercial Influence gains.

Raven red-24x24

Gain +2 Kröwns Kröwns production and +30% forging speed.

Stag red-24x24
Glory of the Clan

Increases Fame Fame by 30%. Increases gains from TradingRoutesTrade Routes and GreaterTradingRoutes Great Trade Routes by 10% each 200 Fame Fame.

There are 3 GreaterTradingRoutes Great Trading Routes that are always available. Additionally, building the Relic of Bragaful adds a 4th trade route. Each trade route requires a certain amount of gold spent, and in exchange you gain Commercial Influence and bonus Happiness Happiness as long as the trade route is active. Below is a table with the details of each Great Trade Route:

Commercial Influence Earned Commercial Influence Earned as Raven Kröwns Spent Happiness Happiness Bonus Destination Notes
Commercial Influence +5 Commercial Influence 6 Kröwns -5 Kröwns Happiness +1 Homeland
Commercial Influence +10 Commercial Influence 12 Kröwns -20 Kröwns Happiness +3 Miklagard
Commercial Influence +15 Commercial Influence 18 Kröwns -40 Kröwns Happiness +6 Vinland
Commercial Influence +20 Commercial Influence 24 Kröwns -60 Kröwns Happiness +9 Only available with Bragaful

Trade Victory[ | ]

Trade Victory is one of the victory conditions required to become the king of Northgard, and thus win the game. If this victory condition is enabled, it can be achieved by earning Commercial Influence 2,000 points.

Because this victory condition requires a significant amount of gold spending, which means an economic setback, certain rewards are received for reaching certain Commercial Influence Commercial Influence milestones as follows:

Commercial Influence Reached Rewards Received
Commercial Influence 500 Commercial Influence Wood 100 Wood, Food 100 Food, Lore 50 Lore
Commercial Influence 1,000 Commercial Influence Wood 150 Wood, Food 150 Food, Iron 10 Iron
Commercial Influence 1,500 Commercial Influence Wood 200 Wood, Food 200 Food, Stone 20 Stone
Commercial Influence 2,000 Commercial Influence Becoming "King of Northgard", winning the game.

Because the amount of Commercial Influence Commercial Influence gained from each Great Trade Route is fixed, it is possible to calculate the amount of time and Kröwns Kröwns needed to achieve Trade Victory with each Great Trade Route, if the great trade route is not changed or stopped:

Great Trade Route Months Needed Kröwns Spent Months Needed as Raven Kröwns Spent as Raven
Kröwns -5 Kröwns Route 66.67 months Kröwns 2000 Kröwns 55.56 months Kröwns 1667 Kröwns
Kröwns -20 Kröwns Route 33.33 months Kröwns 4000 Kröwns 27.78 months Kröwns 3333 Kröwns
Kröwns -40 Kröwns Route 22.22 months Kröwns 5333 Kröwns 18.52 months Kröwns 4444 Kröwns
Kröwns -60 Kröwns Route 16.67 months Kröwns 6000 Kröwns 13.89 months Kröwns 5000 Kröwns

Tips and Tricks[ | ]

  • You can only build one Lighthouse, and thus start only one Great Trade Route.
  • It's considered safe to build your Lighthouse on your Town Hall Tile.
  • The greater trade route stops if the Shipdock/Harbor hosting the lighthouse is burning.
  • Being able to loot a Shipwreck can speed up your progress significantly.
  • Feast Feasting will not increase the rate of Commercial Influence Commercial Influence gained.
  • Sailor Sailor's Tool-Upgrade will not increase the rate of Commercial Influence Commercial Influence gained.
  • Keeping a solid Kröwns Kröwns storage for defending is advised.

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