Prestige Commercial Influence is required to achieve a Trade Victory.

Once a Longship Dock (or a Harbor for the Clan of the Raven) is built and the Trading Lore is obtained, the player can build a Lighthouse and start trading Kröwns in exchange for Prestige Commercial influence.

Great Trade Routes Edit

The only way to gain Commercial Influence is by spending gold on Great Trading Routes. To enable Great Trading Routes, you must:

  1. Discover the 1st Economy Knowledge to unlock Great Trading Routes.
  2. Build a Longship Dock (or Harbor as Raven Clan).
  3. Build a Lighthouse as extension (free as Raven Clan).

Once these steps are done, you can start only one of the Great Trading Routes at a time. You can switch to another Great Trade Route anytime, you can also completely stop Great Trade Routes if you need to. If you run out of Kröwns Kröwns, Great Trade Routes will automatically stop.

Commercial Influence gained from Great Trade Routes is not increased because of feasts. The only game mechanic that increases Commercial Influence is Negotiators knowledge, which adds 20% to all Commercial Influence gains.

Tips and Tricks Edit

  • You can only build one Lighthouse, and thus start only one Great Trade Route.
  • It's considered safe to build your Lighthouse on your Town Hall Tile.
  • Being able to loot a Shipwreck can speed up your progress significantly.
  • Feasting will not increase the rate of Prestige gained.
  • Sailor's Tool-Upgrade will not increase the rate of Prestige gained.
  • Keeping a solid Prestige storage for defending is advised.
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