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Disasters occur randomly, they are marked by an Icon on the calendar to give you time to prepare. They are usually announced 3 months before they occur.

Neutral Events[]

Blood moon.png Blood Moon[]

Map: Ragnarök only
During one month, Attack Power.png attack of all units outside of their territory is increased by 50%. This event never occurs during winter.

Negative Events[]

Rats.png Rat Infestation[]

Rats will devour a % of any Food.png Food not stored in Silos.

  • Hard: 80% lost
  • Medium 60% lost
  • Easy: 20% lost

Rat infestation will also Sickness-icon.png Sickness a certain amount of clan members.

Earthquake.png Earthquake[]

Damages up to 3 buildings. Buildings require Wood.png Wood to Repair.

Blizzard.png Blizzard[]

Occurs during winter. Reduces all production by 50%, and doubles firewood consumption. Stockpiling enough Food.png Food and Wood.png Wood is the key to survive it.

FactionDefeated.png Draugr Invasion[]

One Draugr.png Draugr will spawn out of each Draugr portal.png Draugr portal on the map.

Ghosts.png Fallen Sailors[]

Spectral Warriors will invade one of your shores and cause a reduction of Unhappy.png -10 Happiness for as long as they are in your territory.

AttackKraken.png Attack of the Kraken[]

The Kraken roams around Northgard and punishes those who do not fear it, sinking boats and damaging ports. The Kraken attack lasts for 3 months. Kraken attacks can be avoided by stopping the raids before it starts or by building a Lighthouse.

Frozen Sea.png Frozen sea[]

Map: Permafrost only
The sea freezes during winter, preventing all boat-related mechanics: Sailor.png Sailors, Mercenary raid.png Mercenary raids, extra villagers from the Recruits fame bonus, and Thrall.png Thrall purchasing. Drakkars sailing at the beginning of the frozen sea will be immobilized until the end of the winter. This event can happen right after another event, therefore not being announced in the calendar.

Volcano icon.png Volcano Eruption[]

Map: Ragnarok only
The volcano will erupt and molten rock will fall on various tiles on the map. The number of molten rocks falling onto your territory will vary depending on the number of tiles you have colonized.

Each rock holds Stone.png 10 Stone. Unless the player manages to completely mine these rocks within 4 months, Rock Golems will spawn from them and attack any units in the tile. If a rock was only partially mined before the deadline, the Golem will spawn missing some HP.