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Overview[ | ]


The Clan of the Rat. Composed of outcasts and led by the shaman Eir, the followers of the Rat can survive most severe of injuries. However, their dedication means their workers and fighters are ready to die to ensure the clan's survival.

Starting Bonuses[ | ]

  • The clan has more villagers but they arrive wounded. Wounded units do not count for Happiness requirement.
  • The clan doesn't have access to House Houses, but all non-mystic buildings provide housing. Once max population is reached, extra villagers stack in a Population's reserve.
  • The Shaman Camp Shaman Camp replaces the Healer's Hut Healer's Hut and trains Shaman Shamans able to fight and heal multiple units and allies, even outside your territory.
  • When the clan units kill foes or die, the corpses are cremated at the Shaman Camp Shaman Camp, producing Lore Lore and attracting new villagers faster.
  • Overwork replaces the Feast Feast and boosts all productions at the expense of your workers' health.

Fame Bonuses[ | ]

  • Fame 200 Fame : Shamanic Care
While being healed your units consume 30% less Food Food.
  • Fame 500 Fame : Proliferation
Population's reserve can hold +4 villagers max. The maximum duration of Purification Pyre is extended to 6 months.

Tips[ | ]

  • Wounded Rat clan units are subject to the same -20% production malus as all other factions. This has no "special interaction" with overworking, so if "Overwork" targets a wounded unit, you'll get only a +20% bonus off of them (since it has to add 40% to -20%).
  • The housing gained from regular buildings is improved from 1 to 2 by upgrading the buildings.
  • Overcrowding does allow the bonuses of two instances of an upgraded building to stack. This is similar to the principle seen by most clans upgrading a Trading Post and a Marketplace in the same zone, netting a cumulative +40% bonus. Overcrowding allows the Rat Clan to do this with any type of building (including having a zone with upgraded versions of 2 Trading Posts and 2 Marketplaces, to give Merchants a cumulative 80% bonus). Combining multiple upgraded buildings is one of the primary "special economic bonuses" of this clan.
  • The growth bonus of a Purification Pyre is 15% per lit pyre, additively.
  • Contrary to the default verbiage, killing enemy clan units does not light the Purification Pyre, only killing neutral tile defenders (wolves, draugr), or minor faction units (kobolds, dwarves), or your own population (through any cause, including Overwork) does.

Lore Lore Tree[ | ]

Sharp Axes

Your Woodcutter Woodcutters will produce 20% more Wood Wood.


Reduces the amount of Food Food necessary to colonize one zone by 30%.

Rat red-24x24
Healing Fire

When Purification Pyre are burning, they heal nearby units outside combat. This effect is 50% less effective during Overwork


Permanently increases population growth speed by 25%. You gain an additional 5% during 4 months for each unit from your clan killed by an enemy clan or sacrificed (max +75%).


Increases your Healer Healer's healing speed by 50%.


Reduces extra Wood Firewood consumption during winter by 50% and reduce winter Food Food penalty by 20%.

Shiny Happy People

-20% required Happiness Happiness based on your population.

Rat red-24x24

Wounded units cost -30% Kröwns Kröwns to train as military units.

Fur Coats

Your units no longer have reduced power during winter.

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Pain Suppressant

Wounded units move and attack 20% faster.

Military Strategy

Military units gain +5% attack for each type of friendly military unit in the zone (max +25%).

Feeling Safe

Gain +3 Happiness Happiness if you have a Warchief Warchief and +1 Happiness Happiness per upgraded military camp.

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Blood Ties

Eir Eir can sacrifice part of her Health to heal all your units in the zone over the next 5 seconds.

Monster Slayer

Improves your military units' attack by 10% against DragonkinDraconic units and by 30% against other mystical creatures. Also increases Military Experience Military Experience gains by 50% for each mystical creature killed.

Rat red-24x24

You can place up to two buildings of the same type in a zone, except Defense Tower Defense Towers.


Unlocks the Lighthouse Lighthouse.
Increases Sailor Sailors' resource production by 25%.


Your TradingRoutesTrade Routes produce +100% Kröwns Kröwns.
Your Merchant Merchants will produce 20% more Kröwns Kröwns.


Increases Loremaster Loremaster production by 40%. Your next Carved Stone Carved Stone is free.

Carpentry Mastery

Reduces your buildings' upgrade costs by 20%.
Reduces upkeep from upgraded buildings by 20%.


Reduces prices on the Marketplace Marketplace by 50% and stock replenishment is 20% faster.

Trading Caravan

TradingRoutesTrade Routes earn 20% more Kröwns Kröwns. Relations with neutral factions improve 20% faster.

Relic[ | ]

Flame of Muspelheim Flame of Muspelheim : You can summon Garm's Incarnation Garm's Incarnation at a Shaman Camp Shaman Camp.

Conquest[ | ]

In "conquest" mode, all clans play a series of 11 maps. The first, middle, and last maps in the sequence give hard-coded, clan-specific bonuses; the other maps randomly generate generic bonuses (which may or may not affect clan-specific units/buildings). The special bonuses for this individual clan are as follows:

  • When killed, your units inflict Sickness on their attacker.
  • Wounded units do not suffer production malus when Overworking.
  • Non-mystic buildings can house 1 more villagers.

Other Clans[ | ]