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Dragon round.pngDragon Essence.png Dragon Essence is a unique resource of Dragon clan

Dragon Essence.png Dragon Essence is a central gameplay element of the clan, playing a role in Happiness.png Happiness management, the acquisition of Warband.png military units, and unlocking various economic and military bonuses. The amount of Dragon Essence.png Dragon Essence the player has is shown on the essence gauge along with the available essence bonuses. It slowly decreases over time, revealing new bonuses that can be unlocked.

Essence gauge.png

Dragon Essence Bonuses[]

Only one bonus at a time can be activated. The active bonus is displayed on the left part of the gauge, and its power is affected by the clan's Fame.png Fame; each fame bonus improves the available essence bonuses and unlocks one additional segment of the gauge. There are 5 segments in total, each with room for 3 essence and 1 bonus, though only 3 of the segments are unlocked from the start.

The different bonuses that can be unlocked are:

Warchief Thane rank Jarl rank
Nanna's Influence Happiness.png Happiness +2 +3 +4
Andhrimnir's Influence Food.png Food +2 +4 +8
Niorun's Influence Wood.png Wood +2 +4 +8
Njörd's Influence Kröwns.png Kröwns +2 +4 +8
Mimir's Influence Lore.png Lore +2 +4 +8
Magni's Influence War.png Attack Power +10% Attack Power.png +15% Attack Power.png +20% Attack Power.png
Hönir's Influence Fame.png Fame +3 per month +4.02 per month +5.04 per month
Idunn's Influence If not fighting, Dragonkin.png Dragonkin get Healing.png healed wherever they are. Heals x1.3 faster Heals x1.7 faster

Military Units[]

The Dragon Clan only has access to one type of military unit, the Dragonkin. Training a Dragonkin at a Dragonkin Altar requires Dragon Essence.png 1 Dragon Essence to be spent in addition to the Kröwns.png Kröwns cost.


If the essence gauge runs out of Dragon Essence.png Dragon Essence, not only will the player no longer benefit from any of the bonuses, but there will also be a Unhappy.png -10 penalty to Happiness, which will persist until the player gets more Dragon Essence.png Dragon Essence.


Dragon Essence.png Dragon Essence is generally acquired by sacrificing units at the Sacrificial Pyre. The amount of Dragon Essence.png Dragon Essence gained per unit differs depending on the type of unit sacrificed:

  • Sacrificing a regular (non-Thrall) unit gives Dragon Essence.png +2 Dragon Essence.
  • Sacrificing a Thrall.png Thrall gives Dragon Essence.png +3 Dragon Essence.

It can also be generated by having the Veteran Fighters bonus in the Conqueror military path; this lets Dragonkin.png Dragonkin generate Dragon Essence.png Dragon Essence when killing units. The amount gained scales linearly based on the slain unit's max health; killing a unit with 50 health grants Dragon Essence.png 0.2 Dragon Essence.