Dragon Essence Dragon Essence is a resource unique to the Clan of the Dragon. The amount of Dragon Essence Dragon Essence the player has is shown on the Dragon Essence gauge alongside with Dragon Essence bonuses.

Usage Edit

Dragon Essence Gauge Northgard

Dragon Essence gauge

Dragon Essence Dragon Essence is a central gameplay element of the Dragon Clan, playing a role in Happiness management, the acquisition of Warband military units, and unlocking various economic and military bonuses from the Dragon Essence gauge.

Dragon Essence Bonuses Edit

Dragon Essence Dragon Essence can be used to unlock various bonuses on the Dragon Essence gauge. Each Fame Fame step will improve the available bonuses and unlock additional parts of the gauge.

The different bonuses that can be unlocked are:

  • Nanna’s Influence: +2 Happiness (Thane: +3 / Jarl: +4)
  • Andhrimnir’s Influence: +2 Food production (Thane: +4 / Jarl: +8)
  • Niorun’s Influence: +2 Wood production (Thane: +4 / Jarl: +8)
  • Njörd’s Influence: +2 Kröwns production (Thane: +4 / Jarl: +8)
  • Mimir’s Influence: +2 Lore production (Thane: +4 / Jarl: +8)
  • Hönir Influence: Your Fame slightly increases over time.
  • Idunn’s Influence: Will heal your Dragonkin, wherever they are (unless in combat)
  • Magni’s Influence: +10% AttackPower for your Warband and non-Thrall units (Thane: +15% / Jarl: +20%)

Military Units Edit

The Dragon Clan only has access to one type of military unit, the Dragonkin. Training a Dragonkin at a Dragonkin Altar requires 1 Dragon Essence to be spent in addition to a Kröwns cost.

Happiness Edit

If the Dragon Essence gauge runs out of Dragon Essence Dragon Essence, not only will the player no longer benefit from any of the bonuses, but there will also be a -10 cost to Happiness, which will persist until the player gets more Dragon Essence Dragon Essence.

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