The Dragonkin is a unique unit of the Nidhogg clan. Whereas regular Warband units trained at either Training Camp, Axe Thrower Camp, Shield Bearer Camp, or Skirmisher Camp, Dragonkins are trained at the Dragonkin Altar with use of forgotten rituals. The said ritual also includes endowing the assigned villager the power of Dragonkin with use of Dragon Essence Dragon Essence. The Dragonkin form enhanced and endowed the user with increased strength, endurance, stamina, speed, and senses, explaining why they can capable of combating multiple enemies on their own. Whereas regular warband units can be decomissioned back into regular villagers, Dragonkins cannot resigned from their duty for their form is non-reversible.

Improve Tools gives Dragonkin +15% AttackPower attack and the "Whirlwind" ability. Whirlwind enables Dragonkins to frequently execute a swirling strike that damages all surrounding enemies.

Relic UpdateEdit

Dragonkin's AoE attack now deals 100% damage only to the targeted enemy, and 70% on nearby enemies.

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