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UnitsBig 29
Draugr are half-dead evil creatures that have infested the islands of Northgard
Health 65
Attack Power
AttackPower 10
Def 5
25 XP

The draugr or draug (Old Norse: draugr, plural draugar; modern Icelandic: draugur, Faroese: dreygur and Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian: draug), also called aptrganga or aptrgangr, literally "again-walker" (Icelandic: afturganga) is an undead creature from Norse mythology and recurring enemies that infested Northgard, rising due to power of Helheim. Called "death" internally.

Encounters[ | ]

Single Player[ | ]

While Draugrs can be found at random tiles, they mainly respawn at Draugr Tombs, a defiled burial ground that must be colonized in order to prevent more of them from rising.

Story Mode[ | ]

Brand Brand and Rig first encounter a draugr upon their early days at Northgard before meeting Harvald Harvald, leader of Heidrun Clan. The latter is surprised as he already heard about legends that surrounding draugrs, but skeptical to the point of being dismissive about it until their said encounter.

Conquest[ | ]

As Draugr are regular enemies there are quite are quite a few missions where the Draugr are a focal point. In the map The Cursed the Draugr portal Draugr portal event happens more than once a year and is the only event, as it happens more often more Draugr come every single time to the point where there is up to 15 sometimes, also whenever a unit dies on this map they have a chance to turn into a Draugr. In the map Invasion from Helheim they will spawn on Gates of Helheim Gates of Helheim along with some Fallen Valkyries more than once a year. On the map Frozen Gates they show up with weakened health from the frozen attack event along with Fallen Valkyries and Draugr Jötunn Draugr Jötunn.