"Your undead problems are now available in extra-large."
― Draugr Jötunn

Draugr Jötunn (plural Draugr Jötnar) is a Draugr which originally a Jötunn before revived by power of Helheim.


Single PlayerEdit

Made available following Relics update, this unit is exclusive to Clan of the Dragon and can be summoned with use of Skull of Hrungnir Relic. However, the summoned Draugr Jötunn, while weaker in terms of defense and offense (as it only has 16 AttackPower and 14 Def), has greater health points (100 Health)that they can endure greater punishments.


Draugr Jötnar made their first appearance in story mode as enemy units where they are released from their icy prison when Fimbulwinter at Northgard ends along with hordes of Draugrs and corrupted Valkyries, threaten to overrun Midgard. Fortunately, they are stopped by combined efforts of Rig and his companions.

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