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Resources production and management is at the core of Northgard gameplay.


Northgard's Resources.png

Indicators on the top bar display current amount of corresponding resources as well as the total growth or decline per a certain period of time. One month consists of exactly 6 such intervals. It means that a +4 stable production will result in 24 of the corresponding resource at the end of a month. However, keep in mind that the shown growth/decline is not the exact value but the closest integer value: for example, if you see +2 Food.png your real food income may vary between +9 and +15 per month.


Regular food source
Food.png Food Source Food.png Base production Food.png Monthly production Food.png Yearly production
SummerIcon.png Summer Winter icon.png Winter SummerIcon.png Summer Winter icon.png Winter
Villager.png Villagers 4 2.4 24 14.4 259.2
Fisherman.png Fisherman 4.35 4.35 26.1 26.1 313.2
Hunter.png Hunters 4.75 3 28.5 18 310.5
Farmer.png Farmers 5 2.8 30 16.8 320.4
Healer.png Healers when not actively healing 4 2.4 24 14.4 259.2
Heidrun Heidrun : Sheep.png Sheeps 2.7 2 16.2 12 181.8

For more details, check Food.

Wood production[]

Wood is mainly produced by Woodcutter.png Woodcutters producing + Wood.png 4 Wood.

Kröwn production[]

Knowledges Other

no Tooltip available

Raven red-24x24.png

Gain +2 Kröwns.png Kröwns production and +20% Commercial Influence.png Commercial Influence. Increases Sailor.png Sailors resource production by 20%.

Boar red-24x24.png

Neutral factions will accept any resources and you gain +1 Happiness.png Happiness when trading with them. Trade routes with neutral factions earn you +20% more Kröwns.png Kröwns and relationship.

Kraken red-24x24.png
Near The Sea Spirit

Generates +1 Kröwns.png Kröwns and +1 Wyrd.png Wyrd for every 3 buildings on coastal zones.

Stag red-24x24.png
The Value of Great Deeds

Skald.png Skald will produce +1.5 Kröwns.png Kröwns. Skald.png Skalds' tool improvement is free and forging time is divided by 2.


For more details, check Kröwns.

Stone and Iron[]

Miner.png Miner produces Stone.png Stone or Iron.png Iron at a rate of 1.92 per month or 2.88 per month with Lore Mining Efficiency. It can also be obtained by colonizing for the first time (per tile) Wolves Cave (Stone.png 5) or Draugr Tombs (Iron.png 5).


Population Size Lore.png Lore generated
1-5 +1
6-9 +2
10-19 +3
20-32 +4
<32 +5
Number of areas 1 - 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Lore.png Lore generated 1 3 5 7 9 11 14 17 21 25


Event based
Killing a Wyvern.pngWyvern Fame.png 250
Befriending or Defeating the Jötunn.pngJötnar Fame.png 150
Defeating an enemy Clan Fame.png 120
Defeating the Kobold.png Kobolds or the Myrkalfar.png Myrkalfars Fame.png 50
Being the first to uncover the Special Tile in the center of the map. Fame.png 50
Building the Altar of Kings Fame.png 50
Colonizing the tile Thor's Wrath Fame.png 50 (+20)
Destroying a Draugr Tomb Fame.png 50 (+20)
Destroying a Wolves Cave Fame.png 30 (+20)
Colonizing a new Area Fame.png 20
Organizing a Feast Fame.png 20
Discovering a new Knowledge Fame.png 15 (+20)
Upgrading a Building (not a House) Fame.png 20
Upgrading a House or Scout Camp Fame.png 10
Sacking an Area Fame.png 10
Eikthyrnir Eikthyrnir : for each Fame earned after discovering Lore Glory of the Clan Fame.png + 20%
Unit based
active Sailor.pngSailor sailing for Fame.png Fame Fame.png 0.6 Fame per month per month
Eikthyrnir Eikthyrnir : active Skald.pngSkald at a Hall of Skalds Fame.png 1.05 Fame per month per month
Bjarki Bjarki : For each enemy unit killed in an Area with the Shield Maiden.png Shield Maiden after reaching Fame.png 500 ("The Bear Awakens") Fame.png + 3/kill
Lyngbakr Lyngbakr : active Norn.png Norn after forging the Edda of Vör relic Fame.png 1.2 Fame per month per month
Northgard Conquest : active 20px Scholar at Pillar of Glory File:.png 0 [[]] per month

For more information : check Fame.