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The clan of the Stag. Proud of their legacy of astonishing achievements, they are renowned as much for their honorable and regal manner as their harsh justice and unyielding strength. Valuing wealth and fame, they are highly ambitions expansionists ...

This clan can achieve Fame Fame rather quickly while having access to more resources as a solid foundation to kickstart a settlement. Food Silos can provide enormous economical growth independent from available natural resources while, in a positive environment, the military can achieve the strength to reliably make short work of any foe.

Starting Bonuses

Fame Bonuses

  • 200Fame Fame
  • 500Fame Fame
    • Dedication: Upgraded buildings gain an additional 10% production bonus.

Lore Tree

Stag Lore
Lore Prerequisites Bonus
Sharp Axes - Your Woodcutters will produce 15% more Wood Wood.
Weaponsmith - Increases all your military units' AttackPower Attack Power by 20%.
Trading - Gain +2 Kröwns Kröwns production. Enables trading routes with Trading Posts.
Colonization Sharp Axes Reduces the amount of Food Food necessary to colonize one area by 30%.
Mining Efficiency Sharp Axes Miner Miners extract 30% more ore from deposits..
Fur Coats Weaponsmith Your Warband Military units no longer have reduced power during winter.
Militia Weaponsmith Inceases your civilians' resistance by 30% when defending.
Shipbuilding Trading Increases Sailors' resource production by 30%.
The Value of Great Deeds Trading Skalds will produce +1 Kröwns Kröwns.
Eradication Colonization or Mining Efficiency Gain a 10% Food Food production bonus, and you gain +1 HappinessHappiness per Silo.
Medicine Colonization or Mining Efficiency Increases your Healers' healing speed by 50%. Healers will gather food when they are not healing.
Young and Proud Fur Coats or Militia Increases your military units attack power by 3% for each positive Happiness Happiness you have (25% max).
Defensive Strategy Fur Coats or Militia Your Defense Towers resistance with be increased by 30%.
Erudition Shipbuilding or The Value of Great Deeds Increases Lore Master production by 10%. Carved Stones cost is halved.
Carpentry Mastery Shipbuilding or The Value of Great Deeds Reduced your buildings' upgrade costs by 20%.
Hearthstone Eradication or Medicine Reduces extra Firewood consumption during winter by 50%.
Advanced Silos Eradication or Medicine Increase Food Food production by +2 for each Food Silo (+5 if upgraded).
Legendary Heroes Sharp Weapons or Young and Proud Improves your Warchief's attack by 50%.
Feeling Safe Sharp Weapons or Young and Proud Gain +3 Happiness Happiness if you have a Warchief. +1 Happiness Happiness per upgraded Training Camp.
Negotiation Erudition or Carpentry Mastery Reduces Marketplace prices by 30%.
Glory of the Clan Erudition or Carpentry Mastery Increases each gain of Fame Fame by 20%.

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