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The "sons of Muspell" are hellbent on destroying the world. They will wreak as much havoc as they can before burning away, as they can't survive outside of their homeworld
Health 100
Attack Power
AttackPower 20
Def 18
XP 150

Eldthurs, also known as "sons of Muspell" and Fire Jötnar, are antagonistic forces and thralls of Hvedrung. They are summoned from Gates of Muspell.

Northgard Conquest[ | ]

In Muspell's Wrath battle, Eldthurs invaded northgard. They need to be hunted down!

Norse Mythology[ | ]

The fire giants are eager participants at Ragnarok and believe in the fiery destruction of the cosmos. The most famous of the fire giants was Surtr ("black"), a jarl who guarded the gates to Muspellheim. He had burning hair, skin of boiling lava and carried a flaming sword. Muspellheim was one of the "middle levels" of the Nine Worlds, along with Midgard and Jotunheim.

Story Mode[ | ]

Eldthurs are summoned by Hvedrung to destroy Bifrost and taking over Asgard. Their invasion was somehow foretold in Runestone of Asgard led by Hvedrung himself. It's up to Rig and his companions to stop their advance by colonize the gateways to Muspelheim and seal them.

Trivia[ | ]

  • In Norse Mythology, the most well-known Eldthur is Surtr, though in the game his role was taken over by Hvedrung.