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Originally champions of the gods, some Valkyries have been corrupted by the powers of Helheim.
Health 90
Attack Power
AttackPower 20
Def 8
100 XP

Fallen Valkyrie Fallen Valkyries can be found on special areas such as Thor's Wrath or Vedrfolnir where one or two of them can be encountered. They protect as well Victory condition areas such as The Gates of Helheim, Magma Flow, Yggdrasil and The Relic of the Gods.

Fallen Valkyries are aggressive and might attack any player territory next to theirs, from the beginning of 802.

Conquest[ | ]

  • In the battle Invasion from Helheim Fallen Valkyrie Fallen Valkyries and Draugr Draugr guard 3 different Gates of Helheim Gates of Helheim in single player and 6 in multiplayer
  • In the battle Frozen Gates Fallen Valkyrie Fallen Valkyries along with Draugr Draugr and Draugr Jötunn Draugr Jötunn are part of the pool of units that will invade your territory every time the event happens but with 1/2 the health the usually have
  • In the battle Valkyries Galore the victory condition is guard the gate of helheim for a year but this time there are more Fallen Valkyrie Fallen Valkyries than a map would usually have like in Fertile Land Fertile Land or Swamps

Lore[ | ]

Valkyries are one of a host of female figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live. Unfortunately, some of them become corrupted by dark powers of Helheim and reduced into monstrous shadows of their former selves and infested Northgard.

Story Mode[ | ]

Rig and Halvard first encounter one of Valkyries in Chapter 3. Delighted at first, Rig wanted to propose alliance with her, but is stopped by Halvard who noticed that she had been consumed by corruption and beyond saving.