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Feast is a game mechanic in which you pay a certain amount of food to boost your economy for a short period of time.

Overview[ | ]

Every Feast Feast lasts for 1 month (60 seconds). For that duration, the following bonuses are added:

Additionally you gain Fame +20 Fame for organising one.

In team games, one clan can organize a feast to boost the economy of all clans in the team. However, only the clan that organized the feast gains the Fame Fame bonus, and the feast price is increased for the whole team.

Additional Bonuses[ | ]

There are only two ways to further increase the bonuses received from a feast:

  • Building the Relic of Eldhrumnir, which grants an additional 20% production bonus.
  • The Clan of Goat has a starting bonus which grants an additional 20% production bonus.

Additional feast bonuses stack additively. For example, goat clan receives 20% + 20% = 40% bonus from feasts, and 20% + 20% + 20% = 60% bonus from feasts if the clan has the Relic of Eldhrumnir.

Prices[ | ]

Each feast is approximately 50% more expensive than previous one.

Feast No. Price
# 1 Food 100
# 2 Food 150 
# 3 Food 230
# 4 Food 340
# 5 Food 510
# 6 Food 760
# 7 Food 1,140
# 8 Food 1,710
# 9 Food 2,560
# 10 Food 3,840
# 11 Food 5,760
# 12 Food 8,640

Tips and Tricks[ | ]

  • In team games, feasts affect all clans in the team and increase the price for the entire team, so it's better to ask teammates if they're ready before organising a feast.
  • Although the feast bonus is percentage production, it is not always bad practice to feast during winter. This is because the percentage boost of the feast is applied to the base value of the unit BEFORE the winter production reduction (according to players who have spoken extensively with SHIRO). Therefore the feast boost and winter deficit do not interact. The only unit adversly affected by feasting in winter is farmers, as due to the way the game is coded farmers base value is actually reduced during winter. Therefore if there are a lot of farms it may be worth waiting for spring to feast. Furthermore, scouts are not boosted by feasts and many people scout during winter, which could be another reason to wait for spring to feast. Lastly, many northgard players believe that feasting in winter is bad (even though it can be strong), so doing so puts you at risk of being flamed by other players.
  • All productions are reduced during blizzard, therefore it's never a good idea to feast during blizzards.

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