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Allows you to gain Food.png.
Building.png Woodcutter's Lodge, Fish.png Fish
Wood.png 80
Upkeep Cost
Kröwns.png 21 (yearly)
Upgrade Cost
Wood.png 100, Kröwns.png 50, Stone.png 10
Upgraded Upkeep Cost
Kröwns.png 40(yearly)
Kraken round.pngThe Fishery is a unique building of Kraken clan

The fishery replaces the Fisherman's Hut, it can be built on shores and fishy lakes areas. It can be assigned 2 Villagers to transform them into Fisherman.png Fisherman that will gather Food.png Food in summer and winter alike.

Upgradebuildings.png Upgraded

  • Allows to recruit one more Fisherman.png Fisherman.
  • Increase Fishermans Food.png Food production in the area by 20%.