Food Food is one of the most crucial Resources to manage, it is required to feed your Clan and ensure your Clan doesn't Starve and thus become Sick, therefore your Food production i.e. Food Sources, must outweigh your Clans Food Consumption.

It is important to stock up on Food Food before Winter starts as Food production is reduced, this production debuff can be reduced by 30% with Freya's Blessing. It is especially important to stock up before Blizzards as these will reduce your Food production even further.

Your Clan starts with a maximum Food storage of 500, this can be increased with the use of Food Silos. each Food Silo increases maximum Food storage by 300.

Food Food is also used to Colonize new Areas and initiate Feasts.

Food Sources Edit

Food Sources Comparison Edit

The table below displays the amount of FoodFood gathered by a single sheep or one person depending on the activity.

Source Monthly (summer) Monthly (winter) Yearly Yearly with silo Yearly with upgraded silo Yearly with upgraded silo, building & tools
Sheep 18 12 198 218 238 356
Foraging* 24 17 266 266* 266* 266*
Fishing 24 24 288 317 346 477
Hunting 27 18 297 327 356 492
Farming 30 17 320 352 384 531

*Since the official release on March 7th, 2018 (patch 1.0.8) villagers won't be buffed by silos anymore.


Gathering bonuses are multiplicative:

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