The Forge is a building required for the Sword of Odin map special Victory condtion, which requires a Smith to forge and Magma Flow.

By Relic Update, the Forge gains an addition function where it now allow the player to craft better tools, weapons, and Relics in addition of Sword of Odin and can also be built at other tiles within the player's clan's territory. Although, Sword of Odin now can only be crafted at the Forge which built on Anvil of Gods, updated version of Magma Flow tile.

The Tools Edit

Tools Forge Northgard Update
In the Forge, you now have the possibility of 3 different actions:
  • Upgrade civilian tools
  • Upgrade military tools
  • Forge a Relic

You can queue multiple items in the Forge. When the first item is finished, the Smiths will start forging the next one.

If there isn’t any adversity in the Forge’s tile, you can cancel the creation of an item, and you’ll be refunded its original cost.

You’ll have the possibility to improve the Smith’s tools, granting them a 15% increase in Forge speed!

Relic UpdatesEdit

  • The Forge has gained a lot of importance in Northgard in Relic update. The building now requires a Woodcutter’s Lodge to be created and costs 80 Wood and 20 Kröwns. The building now can be upgraded with 100 Wood, 50 Kröwns and 5 Stone.
  • You can assign 2 smiths to a non-upgraded Forge and 3 to an upgraded Forge. Add Smiths to craft items quicker.
  • You can build more than one Forge, but you won’t be able to use both buildings to craft the same item.

Second Winter Festival UpdateEdit

By second Winter Festival update, Forge's building cost has been reduced from originally Wood 100 and Kröwns 50 to current Wood 60 and Kröwns 15, with its build time now 30 seconds.

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