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Relic - Gefjun's Jar
Gefjun's Jar
Create this Relic in the Forge. Once forged, the Relic will appear in your available building list.
Iron 10, Kröwns 100, Wood 50
Upkeep Cost
Kröwns 0 (yearly)

Gefjun's Jar Gefjun's Jar : Population Happiness Happiness requriements are reduced by 20%. The more you have, the more your units' production is increased.

Specifically; each point of positive happiness adds 1.5% productivity to all civilians; it maxes out at 10 happiness, with a corresponding +15% boost.

Prior Patches:[ | ]

In prior versions of the game, this relic retained the passive effect of reducing your happiness requirements, but also had an active ability which allowed you to spend a large amount of food (scaling with your current population) to immediate cause 3 villagers to arrive by boat.