"Fight for me and ye'll be rich!"
― Hagen

Hagen is the Warchief and former bannerman of Raven Clan who serves as the secondary antagonist of the Story Campaign.

Under the order of the mysterious Hvedrung (who may or may not mortal disguise of Loki or worse, the Eldthur Surt), he killed Rig's father in order to reclaim the Regal Horn which, according to Svarn, may actually Gjallarhorn, a divine relic entrusted to the newly crowned High King's family for quite some time. Although he treated his disciple Liv kindly, she was unable to help but disgusted by his crooked ways and eventually backstabbed him much to Rig's dismay. Even so, Liv managed to convince Rig to allow her to join his cause and unveil the truth about the death of Rig's father and near-eradication of Stag Clan.

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