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A Healer in the process of healing another unit.
Health 50
Attack Power
AttackPower 5
Def 4
10 XP

The Healer is a unit recruited at the Healer's Hut. Each Healer's Hut can only focus healing on one unit at a time and can't heal any unit that already receives healing from another Healer's Hut. Assigning additional Healers will merely speed the healing up but not allow to heal more units at once. Instead multiple Healer Huts are required to be able to heal multiple units with the rule of 1 Healer's Hut per unit. All of your units that lack health because they're either Sickness-icon sick or Woundedwounded will be healed automatically by a priority list: 1st your Warchief, then military units, last civilians. The Healers work through that list and always start to heal the unit with the highest health within the current priority category, which was most likely done to get rid of the "You have too many wounded." modifier that reduces happiness or to get production units functional again, as wounded units have a -20% production modifier. By selecting a Healer's Hut you can see their current focus and also assign another unit for them to heal instead - but nothing can be done to change their automatically set priority. When healing sick units that constantly lose health they're programmed well enough to not let anyone die as long as their healing is powerful enough and there aren't too many sick people. Healers can heal your units across the entire map but only if these conditions are met:

-the unit to be healed is either within your own or allied territory - healing doesn't happen in neutral, unclaimed or enemy territory

-neither the territory with the Healer's Hut nor the territory with the unit to be healed in is under attack - otherwise the healing is stopped for the time this lasts

Healers can't heal units of your ally.

If not busy with healing or fighting they'll gather Food food at the same rate as Villagers: 4 Food during summer and  2.4 Food during winter. By upgrading their tools at the forge for 5  Iron and 30  Kröwns their healing- and food gathering can be improved by +15%.

Healing can be further improved:

Upgrading the Healer's Hut increases their healing speed by +20% and allows to assign +1 more Healer.

Selecting the "Medicine" lore improves their healing by +50%.

Claiming territory that has the Urdarbrunn object in it increases their healing by +30% and allows to use the "Cleanse" ability that removes hunger, sickness, freezing, unhappiness and makes all units immune to all of this for 30s.

All percentage values that improve healing can be summed up: Upgraded tools with +15% healing and "Medicine" lore with +50% healing will result in +65% healing.

Unupgraded Healer's Hut vs best possible:

The unupgraded Healer's Hut with 2 healers represents 100% healing.

Upgrading the structure allows to assign +1 Healer and improves their healing by 20%, Medicine lore by +50%, Urdarbrunn by +30%, the tools upgrade by +15%. So the total percentage bonus is +115% and due to an upgraded Healer's Hut it's possible to have 3 instead of 2 healers. So that value can be multiplied by 1.5x which makes a +172,5% improved healing amount - around 2.7x faster healing.

Without an Urdarbrunn on the map it'd be +85%, which multiplied by 1.5x makes a +127,5% healing amount - around 2.3x faster healing.

Healers are one of the reason why your economy might crash as you might rely on their food production which entirely stops while healing or in combat.

Only the Slidrugtanni Clan (Boar Clan) replaces Heales with Menders that produce Lore instead of food when not busy with healing or fighting.