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Healer's Hut
PortraitBuildings 43.png
Train your Villagers to become Healers to heal wounded or sick clan members
Building.png Woodcutter's Lodge
Wood.png 60
Upkeep Cost
Kröwns.png 19 (yearly)
Upgrade Cost
Wood.png 100, Kröwns.png 50, Stone.png 10
Upgraded Upkeep Cost
Kröwns.png 36 (yearly)

A Healer's Hut allows for the training of two Healer.png Healers, who heal wounded and sick units.

Clan Slidrugtanni Slidrugtanni has this building replaced with the Mender's Hut. Clan Dodsvagr Dodsvagr has this building replaced with the Shaman Camp.

Upgradebuildings.png Upgraded

  • Allows to recruit one more Healer.png Healer.
  • Increase healing speed by 20%.