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Led by Torfin, an ancient leader who returned to help his progeny, the Clan of the Ox is known for its tremendous might and unrelenting devotion to its ancestors. While they may not be the fastest starters, once they've gained some momentum, they can crush anyone and anything in their way.

Starting BonusesEdit

  • Your Warchief is the powerful Torfin.
  • Torfin can find Ancestral Equipment from Ancient Battlegrounds and equip them to become even stronger.
  • Your units are tougher, larger and eat 10% more than the other clans.
  • Your units have a +15% attack power and defense bonus.
  • Specialized civilian units have a +40% base production bonus, except Loremaster.
  • Non-upgraded buildings can hold only one unit, and houses hold less people.

Fame BonusesEdit

  • Fame 200 Fame : Military Pressure
    • Units productions have a bonus depending on the number of military units you control.
  • Fame 500 Fame : The True Hero
    • Torfin can use Provocation: All enemy units and towers target Torfin during a short period and his defense is increased by 100% for 10 seconds.

Lore TreeEdit

Lore Prerequisites Bonuses
Sharp Axes - Your Woodcutter will produce 20% more Wood Wood.
Weaponsmith - Increases your military unit's Attack Power by 20%.
Mining Efficiency - Miners extract Stone Stone and Iron Iron 50% faster.
Colonization Sharp Axes Reduces the amount of Food Food necessary to colonize one Area by 30%.
Eradication Sharp Axes Food Silos gain Food 10% food production bonus. Reduces Food Silo upgrade cost by 50%.
Military Training Weaponsmith Idle military units in your territory gain Military Experience Icon Military Experience. Upgrading training camp costs 50% of its normal costs.
Defensive Strategy Weaponsmith Increases you civilian's attack and you Defense Tower's resistance by 30%.
Shipbuilding Mining Efficiency Increases Sailor's resource production by 20%. Enable Great Trade Routes with a Lighthouse.
Coinage Mining Efficiency Increases Merchants production by Kröwns +20% more Kröwns. Enables Trade route with Trading Post.
City Builder Colonization or Eradication In improved areas, specialized units get a 15% production bonus and buildings don't have an upkeep cost.
Medicine Colonization or Eradication Increases your Healer's healing speed by 50%.
Ferocious Charge Military Training or Defensive Strategy Warriors gain 50% damage on a charge attack.

Weapons are twice faster to forge and cost half less.

Feeling Safe Military Training or Defensive Strategy Gain Happiness +3 Happiness for your Warchief and Happiness +1 Happiness per upgraded military camp.
Warcraft Shipbuilding or Coinage Gaining Military Experience Icon Military Experience gives Lore Lore and Fame Fame.
Carpentry Mastery Shipbuilding or Coinage Reduces your building's upgrade costs by 20%.
Hearthstone City Builder or Medicine Reduces extra Wood Firewood consumption by 50% and reduce food penalty by 20% during Winter.
Shiny Happy People City Builder or Medicine -20% required Happiness Happiness based on your population.
Unstoppable Ferocious Charge or Feeling Safe Torfin gain 5% attack power and defense for each discovered artifact.

Whenever a unit dies in the same zone as Torfin, his health regenerates by 10% of the dead unit's max health.

Monster Slayer Ferocious Charge or Feeling Safe Improve your military unit's attack by 50% against mystical creatures. (Draugrs, Valkyries, Rock Golems, Spectral Warriors and Wyvern)
Negotiation Warcraft or Carpentry Mastery Reduces Marketplace prices by 50%.
Trading Caravan Warcraft or Carpentry Mastery Trade routes gets +20%. Affinity with neutral factions grows quicker.


The Ox clan has its own Relic, the Aegir.

It unlocks Ram ability for Torfin, which can target an enemy building with a powerful charge, immediately destroying it and scaring nearby enemy units on the way.

Ancestral EquipmentEdit

Torfin with different gears

Torfin with Heimdall's Set (left) and Tyr's Set (right).

Ancestral Equipment, or artifacts, are special gears affecting Torfin's combat abilities. Each pieces of said artifacts are scattered at their respective Ancient Battleground which location only Torfin can locate.

There are two sets of ancestral equipment; Heimdall's Set and Tyr's set.

Heimdall's SetEdit

Image Description
Heimdall pauldron icon

Hunting Pauldron

  • Increases Def defense by 10%
  • Reflects 20% of the received damages
Heimdall glove icon
Sparring Gloves
Increases AttackPower attack by 10%
Increases speed by 10%
Heimdall leggings icon

Traveler Leggings

  • Unlocks the "Stomp" passive ability : attacks have area of effect
  • Increases move speed by 20% in neutral or enemy territory

Tyr's SetEdit

Image Description
Tyr pauldron icon
Chain Pauldron
  • Increases Def Defense by 10%
  • + 25 Health Health
Tyr glove icon
Combat Gloves
  • Increases AttackPower by 10%
  • Reduces projectile damage by 20%
Tyr leggins icon
Charge Leggings
  • Adds +20% chance to evade attacks
  • Increases move speed by 20% in allied territory

Other ClansEdit

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