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Hrimgandr Norhgard
A giant, near-invincible rime serpent living mostly underground. Only the Wurmslayer can make a dent on its diamond-hard icy scales.
Health 100
Attack Power
AttackPower 40
Def 20
500 XP

Hrimgandr (plural Hrimgandar) are a race of giant, near-invincible rime serpents living mostly undergroud, but would attack anyone who dare to intrude its territory by summoning icy projectiles. It is said to be spawn of Jormungandr imbued with Niflheim's fumes, and thus only the Wurmslayer, a sword made of famous icy ore that mostly found at Niflheim and these beasts' nesting ground, Rimesteel, that can kill it. According to Borgild, her ancestors killed many Hrimgandar due to their ice powers caused the winter in area infested by these creatures to become unnaturally harsher, and thus can only be restored to normal once they either destroyed or driven away.

Encounter[ | ]

Story Campaign[ | ]

A Hrimgandr is encountered by Rig and his companion, lives in soil rich of rimesteel near Runestone Asgard. Its appearance had been foreshadowed by Svarn, who had constant prophetic nightmare which so frightful that he increasingly terrified as he and his companions advance through Northgard. Neither of his comrades took it seriously until the beast itself appeared. This prompted the group to mine rimesteel to forge the blade, all while avoiding the beast as the ore also its food supply. Finally, the sword is complete, and Rig and his company, with Borgild carry the blade, to vanquish the beast, removing the obstacle between them and the Runestone of Asgard and ends the harsh winter caused by it.