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Overview[ | ]


The Clan of the Raven. Great explorers and merchants, their mighty fleet allowed them to be the first to land on Northgard. They are strong trade partners if you don't mind their constant scheming. Brash and swift, they will often be found roaming where you least expect them.

Kröwns Kröwns and Harbors play central roles for this clan. Money can be produced excessively, while tasks like colonization and exploration can simply be paid for, giving this clan a big edge by spending a less vital resource. Happiness Happiness will rarely be an issue with Harbors and explored areas providing plenty and a wealthy military becomes nearly unstoppable.

Warchief[ | ]

Liv Liv

Starting Bonuses[ | ]

Fame Bonuses[ | ]

  • Fame 200 Fame : Mercenaries from Homeland
You can send Mercenary Mercenary raids on enemy zone. You can assign 3 more Sailor Sailors in your Harbor Harbor with a Lighthouse Lighthouse. You can trade with homeland.
  • Fame 500 Fame : Sea Supremacy
All upkeep is reduced by 15%. Upkeep of military building is reduced by 50%Mercenary Mercenaries can be recruited from military buildings, They do not consume food or wood but require Kröwns Kröwns to stay in your warband.

Lore Lore Tree[ | ]

Sharp Axes

Your Woodcutter Woodcutters will produce 20% more Wood Wood.

Raven red-24x24

Increases your scouting and exploration speed by 100%. Your Scout Scouts no longer consume Food Food and cannot be hurt while exploring.


Food Silo Food Silos gain a 10% Food Food production bonus. Also reduces Food Silo Food Silo upgrade cost by 50%.


Permanently increases population growth speed by 25%. You gain an additional 5% during 4 months for each unit from your clan killed by an enemy clan or sacrificed (max +75%).

Raven red-24x24

Increases your Happiness Happiness based on the areas you have explored (+0.75Happiness Happiness per area, -0.5Happiness Happiness per team member).


Reduces extra Wood Firewood consumption during winter by 50% and reduce winter Food Food penalty by 20%.

Shiny Happy People

-20% required Happiness Happiness based on your population.

Raven red-24x24
Gear Upgrade

Gives you 2% Attack Power attack power and Def defense per active Sailor Sailor and Merchant Merchant (20% max). Cost of weapon improvements reduced by 50%.

Fur Coats

Your units no longer have reduced power during winter.

Defensive Strategy

Increases you civilians' attack and your Defense Tower Defense Towers' resistance by 30%.

Military Strategy

Military units gain +5% attack for each type of friendly military unit in the zone (max +25%).

Feeling Safe

Gain +3 Happiness Happiness if you have a Warchief Warchief and +1 Happiness Happiness per upgraded military camp.

Legendary Heroes

Improves your Warchief Warchief's attack and defense by 25%.

Monster Slayer

Improves your military units' attack by 10% against DragonkinDraconic units and by 30% against other mystical creatures. Also increases Military Experience Military Experience gains by 50% for each mystical creature killed.

Mining Efficiency

Miner Miners extract Stone Iron ore from deposits 30% faster.

Raven red-24x24
Exotic Goods

Harbor Harbor, Trading Post Trading Post and Marketplace Marketplace produce +1 Happiness Happiness (+2 if upgraded).

Raven red-24x24

Gain +2 Kröwns Kröwns production and +30% forging speed.


Increases Loremaster Loremaster production by 40%. Your next Carved Stone Carved Stone is free.

Carpentry Mastery

Reduces your buildings' upgrade costs by 20%.
Reduces upkeep from upgraded buildings by 20%.


Reduces prices on the Marketplace Marketplace by 50% and stock replenishment is 20% faster.

Trading Caravan

TradingRoutesTrade Routes earn 20% more Kröwns Kröwns. Relations with neutral factions improve 20% faster.

Relic[ | ]

Naglfar Naglfar : Allows you to send two Son of Hrymr to raid coastal tiles.

Mercenaries[ | ]

  • Mercenaries benefit from Lore Fur Coats and Gear Upgrade Gear Upgrade, but suffer the distance penality if they are in a Zone more than 2 zones away from your territory.

Raid[ | ]

Raids cause a ship to land on an enemy or neutral tile, and deposit several Mercenary units. If you have Naglfar, they will be accompanied by a Son of Hrymr. All of these troops will disembark simultaneously, and a timer will visibly start above the ship that deposited them. After 30 seconds, any raiding units which survived will become invincible and immediately retreat to the boat and depart.

Every raider sent that survived those 30 seconds yields certain amount of resources (for simplicity, let's call it a "pack" of resources). The amount of resources in a pack is determined based on natural resources and production buildings on the tile. 1 pack of resources contains:

  • 1 iron or 1 stone if there’s iron or stone. Iron or stone is permanently deducted from the deposit. Mines don't count as a production building and don't increase the amount stolen.
  • 20 wood for natural forest in the tile and another 20 wood per woodcutter building
  • 12 lore per lorestone (natural and\or built)
  • 12 gold per trading post and per market on the tile. Longship dock/harbor don’t provide gold if raided.
  • 25 food per natural food resource and 25 food per food building. Sheepfold and silo don’t contribute to these values.
  • 25 food if tile has no natural resources.
  • The Altar of Kings isn’t a production building and doesn’t give anything if raided.

The amount of raiders sent is equal to amount of sailors in a harbor used to commence the raid. A raid costs 20 Kröwns Kröwns per mercenary and has a global cool-down tied to the raided tile that is shared between all ravens. The cooldown is approximately 30 seconds per mercenary sent. So if one raven sends full raid of 6 mercenaries on a tile neither he or another raven can send another raid on the same tile for 30*6=180 seconds. The cooldown is calculated from mercenaries sent and not number survived.

A Son of Hrymr will plunder twice as many resources as a normal mercenary, doesn’t cost additional Kröwns Kröwns and doesn’t influence cool-down.

As noted above; raiding tiles with Iron or Stone will actually remove Iron or Stone from the deposit, which can allow you to deny these resources to an enemy, whether you raid a tile they control, or a neutral tile they're likely to expand to. In a pinch, this can also serve as an odd way to harvest them yourself (at 20 gold/resource, it is actually identical to the pre-"Negotiation" cost of buying from the Marketplace).

Raids no longer leave units at the destination tile, as they did in prior patches, but also no longer decolonize affected tiles.

Mercenaries and Son of Hrymr are affected by winter, by distance malus, by military lores and by forged weapons (for mercs only as Son of Hrymr can’t be forged)

Conquest[ | ]

In "conquest" mode, all clans play a series of 11 maps. The first, middle, and last maps in the sequence give hard-coded, clan-specific bonuses; the other maps randomly generate generic bonuses (which may or may not affect clan-specific units/buildings). The special bonuses for this individual clan are as follows:

  • You receive 3 villagers, +3 max population, and 1 happiness for each 200 Commercial Influence.
  • Colonizing with Kröwns costs -30%.
  • You get double the Mercenaries. (i.e. coastal raids send twice as many)

Other Clans[ | ]