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Improving your Clans Tools gives a small bonus to their abilities. It is accessed through a Forge Forge and requires at least one Smith Smith working on tool improvement. Adding more Smith Smiths speeds up the process, but does not allow improving several tools at once.

It costs 5 Iron Iron and 30 Kröwns Kröwns to improve civilians' tools. It costs 5 Iron Iron and 50 Kröwns Kröwns to improve warband tools over 3 months.

Improvements apply to all units of that type.

Improvable Units[ | ]

Unit Improvement
Villager Villager Increases build and repair speed by 50%
Healer Healer Increases healing speed and gathering Food Food by 20%
Farmer Farmer Increases Wheat (Food Food) production by 20%
Hunter Hunter Increases Meat (Food Food) production by 20%
Fisherman Fisherman Increases Fish (Food Food) production by 20%
Woodcutter Woodcutter Increases Wood Wood production by 15%
Loremaster Loremaster Increases Lore Lore production by 15%
Cook Cook Cook Cooks produce 15% more Happiness Happiness and Ingredients Ingredients. Andhrimnir Andhrimnir also produces 15% more Ingredients Ingredients.
Merchant Merchant Increases Kröwns Kröwns production by 15%
Sailor Sailor Increases Kröwns Kröwns and Lore Lore production by 15%
Brewer Brewer Increases Happiness Happiness production by 15%
Miner Miner Increasing extracting speed by 50%
Smith Smith Increases forging speed by 15%
Skald Skald Increases Happiness Happiness, Fame Fame and Kröwns Kröwns production by 15%
Mender Mender Increases healing speed and Lore Lore speed by 15%
Seeress Seeress Increases Happiness Happiness, Wyrd Wyrd and Fame Fame production by 15%
Scout Scout Increase scouting speed by 15%, scouts run between exploration points.
Herald Herald Herald Heralds produce 15% more Fame Fame
Warband tools
Warrior Warrior Charge -> Increases run speed when the engaged target is close enough and applies Breached Armor (10% less  defense) on the first hit.
Shield Bearer Shield Bearer Shield Wall -> When entering a zone with enemies, this unit will have 40% bonus  defense during 5 seconds.
Axe Thrower Axe Thrower Double Attack -> The second attack of this unit is quicker.
Tracker Tracker Feral Instinct -> When Trackers kill an enemy, they have a 20% chance (50% against animals) to summon their spirit animal.
Mercenary Mercenary Grants 20% projectile resistance.
Skirmisher Skirmisher Poison ability
Dragonkin Dragonkin Whirlwind ability (AoE)
Valkyrie Valkyrie Purify ability (can colonize an area for free by self-sacrificing)
Shaman Shaman Last stand ability (when killed will reduce all nearby enemies defense by 20% for 5 seconds)