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Stoat Clan

Overview[ | ]

Kernev is the second kingdom to be added to Northgard instead of military they focus more on supporting their allies and developing cities into defensive money making powerhouses.

Starting bonuses[ | ]

  • Building a Fort on a zone turns it into a Duchy.
  • Specialized workers assigned inside a Duchy zone consume fewer resources, Happiness Happiness and do not count in the population limit, but they require a Kröwns Kröwns income.
  • Building built inside a Duchy zone cost no upkeep, but they give less production.
  • The Fort has 2 different upgrades. Instead of feasts the clan can collect Levies from Upgraded Forts to gain bonuses based on its zone's buildings

Fame Bonuses[ | ]

  • Fame 200 Fame : Feudal Duties
Levies give better bonuses. You can build similar military camps in a Duchy zone with a Defensive Fort
  • Fame 500 Fame : Exceptional Measures
You can collect 2 Levies at the same time.

Faith Faith Tree[ | ]

Sharp Axes

Your Woodcutter Woodcutters will produce 20% more Wood Wood.


Reduces the amount of Food Food necessary to colonize one zone by 30%.

Grinding Wheel

Smithies require no building slot. Smith Smiths give an additional 10% production bonus to works in the zone.


Permanently increases population growth speed by 25%. You gain an additional 5% during 4 months for each unit from your clan killed by an enemy clan or sacrificed (max +75%).

Stoat red-24x24
Mutual Effort

Levies also benefit your allies at an efficiency of 50%.


Reduces extra Wood Firewood consumption during winter by 50% and reduce winter Food Food penalty by 20%.

Shiny Happy People

-20% required Happiness Happiness based on your population.

Stoat red-24x24
Inland Protection

Lord Lords can move freely inside your territory and its adjacent zones. Your next Fort evolution into a Defensive Fort is free.

Stoat red-24x24
Marches of Brittany

Sentry Sentries can enter enemy territory and recieve a Weapon Upgrade. Like Subject Subjects, they don't consume resources until winter. Your first 4 Sentry Sentries don't count in your Warband.

Missi dominici

Civilian units in a zone under the protection or Lord Lord or Leude Leude gain +20%

Military Strategy

Military units gain +5% attack for each type of friendly military unit in the zone (max +25%).

Feeling Safe

Gain +3 Happiness Happiness if you have a Warchief Warchief and +1 Happiness Happiness per upgraded military camp.

Legendary Heroes

Improves your Warchief Warchief's attack and defense by 25%.

Monster Slayer

Improves your military units' attack by 10% against DragonkinDraconic units and by 30% against other mystical creatures. Also increases Military Experience Military Experience gains by 50% for each mystical creature killed.

Stoat red-24x24

Domainal Forts provide +2 Livability Livability to the Duchy zone they're built in. Your next Fort evolution into a Domanial Fort is free.


Your next Anchorage evolution is free. Seafarer Seafarers' production is increased by +20%

Via Regia

Your TradingRoutesTrade Routes produce +100% Kröwns Kröwns.
Your next Mart evolution is free.

Stoat red-24x24

Monasteries and their evolutions collect +0.25 Kröwns Kröwns from specialized workers in their and adjacent zones.

Carpentry Mastery

Reduces your buildings' upgrade costs by 20%.
Reduces upkeep from upgraded buildings by 20%.


Reduces prices on the Marketplace Marketplace by 50% and stock replenishment is 20% faster.

Trading caravan

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Relic[ | ]

Rather than receiving a unique relic, particular to the Kingdom of the Stoat, this kingdom has the unique ability to build not only all generic Kingdom relics, but also all generic Viking Clan relics. (They're still only allowed to build one relic in total.)

Units[ | ]

Kingdoms reskin and rename most of the specialist jobs available to citizens.

Civilian[ | ]

Many of the civilian roles function similarly to prior clans, having only slight stat changes, and a reskin.

  • Subjects replace the Villager, but produce Faith rather than Food. They also can have multiple subjects assigned to build a building, speeding up the process. Subjects also heal when working the same zone as your Town Hall equivalent, the Chapel which you can evolve into a Cathedral for more population space and expands house population space or a Citadel for maximum warband increase and capacity from other camps.
  • Pathfinders replace the Scout, but are otherwise identical. The same is true with the Pathfinder Pavilion being a reskin of the Scout Camp. Note that there is an unusual rule here: the Pathfinder Pavilion seems to be exempt to the Kingdom-driven livability limits, and works exactly like a Viking Clan building, providing only two (or 3 with the upgrade) job slots, and requiring a Chapel (Town Hall equivalent) upgrade to be upgraded.
  • Peasants replace the food gathering capability of the Villager, but require an actual building to assume the job. Like a Villager, they provide meager yields, which become quite bad during the winter. If their Foraging Post is upgraded to a Farmstead, they remain identified as "Peasants", but have considerably better, Farmer-like yields.
  • Deerstalker are nearly identical to Hunters, given by upgrading a Foraging Post to a Venery.
  • Anglers are nearly identical to Fishermen, given by upgrading a Foraging Post to a Fishery.
  • Lumberjacks are nearly identical to Woodcutters.
  • Miners don't even have a rename/reskin.
  • Monks at first glance, are a bit like Menders, but have a far greater Faith output, rivaling Loremasters, which Kingdoms cannot hire (Carved Stones and their equivalents are worked by Monks). Like Menders, Monks provide healing. One of the upgrades for their Monastery building, the Reliquary, allows Monks assigned there to forge a relic. The other upgrade, the Abbey, serves as an equivalent of the Altar of Kings, providing the same benefits, unlocking the Fame Victory, and also allowing Monks assigned there to generate Fame.
  • Merchants have a reskin, but otherwise are identical. The same is true with their upgraded buildings; the Retail Outlet is a reskinned Marketplace and the Fairground is a reskinned Trading Post.
  • Seafarers replace Sailors, and work somewhat differently in practice; they're unable to generate Lore or Fame as they do for Viking Clans, but one of their upgraded buildings, the Seaport, allows them to generate Food, Wood, or even Stone and Iron as a secondary resource, which prevents the clan from being starved of these resources under duress. Their other upgraded building, the Merchant Port, enables Great Trade Routes and the Trade Victory, as well as providing a +20% bonus to any Seafarers in the zone.
  • Taverners are merely a reskin of Brewers, but their building itself provides major livability bonuses, and will be commonly built for these, even without anyone working it.
  • Smiths share the same name/skin, but ironically work completely differently for Kingdoms — they forge neither tools nor relics. They're assigned to a Smithy, which costs 5 Iron to build (a Dwarven Operative can also be assigned to this building, instead). A smithy provides a production bonus to the zone, doesn't cost a unit of livability to have someone work it.

Military[ | ]

The Kingdoms replace the 3 core combat units with something rather different.

  • The Sentry has no real analogue amongst Viking Clans. It's like a Warrior, but with half the cost, and half the attack power.
  • The Fantassin is a clear analog for the Shield Bearer, having very similar abilities and strengths.
  • The Champion is very different from the Warrior; it attacks much more slowly, but each strike will (if any suitable victim is nearby) hit two victims rather than one, with full force.
  • The Archer fits the same role as the Axe Thrower or Tracker; a long-range attacker with decent, single-target damage.
  • Only hirable after earning 500 Fame, the Paladin is a close analogue to the Warrior, but has slightly better health, and much better defense.

The Stoat cannot build Defense Towers, instead building Forts. These have no attack, but allow them to hire the odd-but-powerful Lord unit. When upgraded, you can choose between Domain Fortress or Defensive Fort. Lords regenerate, when in a zone with a Forts.

Domain Fortress: Increases Livability of the Zone by 2. Lord becomes Domain Lord, and can be admitted to an production building for additional production. Collects Levies for Food, Wood, Stone, Iron, Kröwns, Faith and Happiness if produced within the Zone.

Defensive Fort: The Lord becomes a Lord of War, gains +2 Attack, and increases Attack of all allied military units in the same zone, excluding Lords and Nominoë. Collects Levies from Military Camps. Sentry Camp increases Health during collection. Fantassin Camp increases Defense during collection. Champion Camp increases Attack during collection. Archer Camp increases Attack Speed during collection.

The Warchief equivalent of the Stoat Kingdom is Nominoë, a powerful Lord armed with Axe. He acts as a Domain Lord and Lord of War.

Tools[ | ]

Kingdoms are unable to improve civilian tools; however, they retain the ability to upgrade military units in a different way. In the Smithy you forge relic-like upgrades, once an upgrade is forged, it must be placed, like a relic, into a military camp; the camp's type will determine the type of unit to be upgraded. Only one upgrade can be applied to each type.

The four upgrades available are:

  • Fury: Rolls a chance that on hit, a burst of AoE damage will be dealt around the target
  • Hauberk: Rolls a chance to cause a unit that strikes this unit, to receive some of the damage it inflicted.
  • Rearguard: Causes this unit, and nearby units, to have a temporary defense boost (for 2 seconds) when hit.
  • Obstruction: Causes this unit to have a chance to slow enemy units (for 3 seconds) upon hitting them.

Conquest[ | ]

In "conquest" mode, all clans play a series of 11 maps. The first, middle, and last maps in the sequence give hard-coded, clan-specific bonuses; the other maps randomly generate generic bonuses (which may or may not affect clan-specific units/buildings). The special bonuses for this individual clan are as follows:

  • New subjects arrive at your Forts. (At the time intervals when a new subject would arrive, one arrives at your Chapel and every Fort, basically multiplying your influx by the number of Forts.)
  • Sentries benefit from every weapon upgrade forged.
  • With Marches of Brittany, Sentries do not count in your Warband or Population.

Other Clans[ | ]