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Kobold Camp
Kobolds can be a great trade partner, and also an annoyance when they take valuable land..

The Kobold Camp is a type of Tile where 1 to 11 Kobold.png Kobolds can be found. Kobolds keep spawning from the camp and will eventually try to expand their territory to neighbouring areas, moving a part of the original tile population. On Normal difficulty, up to 5 Kobold camp areas can exist at a time. Kobold camps can often be located on valuable resource spots.

Kobolds coexist with wild creatures, so they can expand their camp to adjacent tiles without clearing them of creatures such as wolves, bears or draugar. When that happens, any existing creatures remain on those tiles as part of the Kobold camp, and spawn new creatures that can attack the player's Clan from adjacent tiles as normal. To decolonize a Kobold camp tile, it is only necessary to eliminate the Kobold.png Kobolds on it; other creatures can be left alive. Kobold camp tiles are decolonized immediately, without the timer common to other Clans' tiles.

Scouting a Kobold camp allows the player to trade Food.png Food or Wood.png Wood with the Kobolds.