The Kröwns Kröwn is the currency of Northgard. It is required to pay upkeep on buildings and military units. If you do not have enough Kröwns to pay upkeep, buildings will be damaged and will have to be repaired. Kröwns are earned through the following:

  • The Town Hall passively produces Kröwns +2 Kröwns. The Altar of Kings produces as well +2 Kröwns.
  • "Trading" knowledge grants Kröwns +2 Kröwns bonus to your production (+Kröwns +3 Kröwns for Raven Clan, and Kröwns +1 Kröwns per citizen for Boar clan).
  • Merchants and sailors :
    • Merchants can be acquired through both the Marketplace and the Trading Post and produce Kröwns +2 Kröwns each.
    • Sailors will gather Kröwns as they sail the sea. They can be acquired through Longship Dock or Harbors and produce Kröwns +2 Kröwns & Lore +1 Lore or Fame 1.5 Fame per month each.
    • Both can be upgraded in order to increase their production.
  • Any trade route with another player or neutral faction (Kobolds, Jotnars, Myrkálfar) will provide gold in exchange for another resource.
  • Bragaful relic generates Kröwns depending on your Prestige Commercial Influence.
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