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Lore Lore is a resource that can be assimilated to research. It stacks up as the game goes on and allows players to unlock knowledges from the Lore Tree. Knowledges are bonuses that are divided in three main branches : Production, Military, and Economy. Unlocking enough knowledges grants other additional bonuses called "Blessing" and can eventually lead to a Wisdom Victory. In game, the Lore menu can be opened by pressing the shortcut "L".

The Knowledge tree[ | ]

The lore tree is composed of a set of standard knowledges, with an additional set of 5 clan-specific replacement knowledges (except for the Slidrugtanni Boar clan, which has 7). Depending on the clan, specific knowledges replaces various common knowledges to better fit that clan's specific gameplay. As a result, even though most of the knowledges are common across clans, each clan has its own unique lore tree that will affect its playstyle.

Sharp Axes

Your Woodcutter Woodcutters will produce 20% more Wood Wood.


Reduces the amount of Food Food necessary to colonize one zone by 30%.


Food Silo Food Silos gain a 10% Food Food production bonus. Also reduces Food Silo Food Silo upgrade cost by 50%.


Permanently increases population growth speed by 25%. You gain an additional 5% during 4 months for each unit from your clan killed by an enemy clan or sacrificed (max +75%).


Increases your Healer Healer's healing speed by 50%.


Reduces extra Wood Firewood consumption during winter by 50% and reduce winter Food Food penalty by 20%.

Shiny Happy People

-20% required Happiness Happiness based on your population.


Increases all your military units' attack power by 20%.

Fur Coats

Your units no longer have reduced power during winter.

Defensive Strategy

Increases you civilians' attack and your Defense Tower Defense Towers' resistance by 30%.

Military Strategy

Military units gain +5% attack for each type of friendly military unit in the zone (max +25%).

Feeling Safe

Gain +3 Happiness Happiness if you have a Warchief Warchief and +1 Happiness Happiness per upgraded military camp.

Legendary Heroes

Improves your Warchief Warchief's attack and defense by 25%.

Monster Slayer

Improves your military units' attack by 10% against DragonkinDraconic units and by 30% against other mystical creatures. Also increases Military Experience Military Experience gains by 50% for each mystical creature killed.

Mining Efficiency

Miner Miners extract Stone Iron ore from deposits 30% faster.


Unlocks the Lighthouse Lighthouse.
Increases Sailor Sailors' resource production by 25%.


Your TradingRoutesTrade Routes produce +100% Kröwns Kröwns.
Your Merchant Merchants will produce 20% more Kröwns Kröwns.


Increases Loremaster Loremaster production by 40%. Your next Carved Stone Carved Stone is free.

Carpentry Mastery

Reduces your buildings' upgrade costs by 20%.
Reduces upkeep from upgraded buildings by 20%.


Reduces prices on the Marketplace Marketplace by 50% and stock replenishment is 20% faster.

Trading Caravan

TradingRoutesTrade Routes earn 20% more Kröwns Kröwns. Relations with neutral factions improve 20% faster.

Lore Sources[ | ]

Population Size Lore Lore generated
1-5 +1
6-9 +2
10-19 +3
20-32 +4
>32 +5
Number of areas 1 - 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Lore Lore generated 1 3 5 7 9 11 14 17 21 25
  • Slidrugtanni Boar clan : Mender Mender - Produce Lore 1 Lore each, if not actively healing.
  • Huginn and Muninn Raven clan : Raiding coastal tiles related to Lore mechanics (with Runestones, Ancient Graveyard etc) grants the player per Mercenary Lore 12
  • Svadilfari Horse clan : Excavation-42x42 Excavation allows Eitria and Brok to produce lore while mining. Making it one of the key knowledges of the clan.
  • Lyngbakr Kraken clan : Knowledge from Beyond-42x42 Knowledge from Beyond makes trade routes generate lore. Also a key knowledge of the clan.
  • Dodsvagr Rat clan : When the clan units kill foes or die, the corpses are cremated at the Shaman Camp Shaman Camp, producing Lore Lore and attracting new villagers faster.

Knowledges cost[ | ]

To unlock a knowledge, a certain amount of Lore has to be gathered. The quantity needed will increase with the number of knowledges already owned.

Knowledges number 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th
Lore Lore needed 80 100 130 160 200 250 310 380 470 580 710 860 1050 1280 1550

A Wisdom Victory requires 8110 LoreLore in total.

Blessings and Wisdom Victory[ | ]

Upon learning your 6th Knowledge, you may select a Blessing from the Gods. For each additional 3 Knowledges that you learn thereafter, you may select another Blessing from the Gods.
Freya Freya's Blessing - Reduces loss of Food Food production during winter by 50% and Wood Wood consumption by 15%.
Baldr Baldr's Blessing - You gain Happiness +3 Happiness.
Jord Jord's Blessing - You gain Stone 15 Stone and Iron 10 Iron.
Ancient Wisdom - You can build the Relic of Knowledge now for a Wisdom Victory. It costs Wood 150 Wood and Stone 5 Stone and needs a building capacity of 3. Once built, all produced knowledge will be gathered in there for the Wisdom Victory. You can turn the knowledge gathering on and off at the relic, allowing you to proceed researching Lore if you changed your mind.

Tips and Tricks[ | ]

Carved Stone Carved Stone wastes valuable stone. You may want to build it only if going for wisdom victory and after unlocking Erudition Erudition to save on the first building. Building it on Circle of Stones or Relic of the Gods makes the loremaster benefit from the area bonus too.

In multiplayer games, lore choices are just as important as build order. While some are almost mandatory (Recruitment, Fur Coats, Military Strategy, Most of Happiness-related Clan Unique...), others can be very situational and nearly useless most of the time (Hearthstone, Negotiation, Monster Slayer, Erudition...). Watch your clan page for more specific advice.

Trivia[ | ]

It costs Lore 27450 to unlock the entire knowledge tree. The last knowledge costs Lore 4940 to acquire, which is more than the first 12 choices combined.