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Magma Flow
The magma in this area can be used to smith very powerful weapons.

The Magma Flow is a special area containing the Anvil of the Gods protected by one to four Fallen Valkyrie.png Fallen Valkyries. This area allows for one of the map-special victories - namely, Odin's Sword. It is located at the center of the map.

To achieve this victory, a player must take control of the area and reforge the three part of the Sword of Odin with a Smith.png Smith. Each part costs Iron.png 15 and takes 3 months to be forged (3 minutes of real time), regardless of difficulty, any productivity bonuses (upgraded tools, upgraded forge in the area, feast, etc.) or penalties (wounded or unhappy smith).

Iron deposit of a fair amount is also to be found on the tile.

The Magma Flow area as seen in the game.