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Train your Villagers to become Merchants to gather Kröwns Kröwns and spend Kröwns to buy various Resources
Building Woodcutter's Lodge
Wood 80
Upkeep Cost
Kröwns 27/30/33/36 (yearly by difficulty)
Upgrade Cost
Wood 100, Stone 10
Upgraded Upkeep Cost
Kröwns 52 (yearly)

The Marketplace is a building that allows you to buy common resources for Kröwns Kröwns. Resources refill independently of each other, and all marketplaces have shared stock of resources, with refill rate depending on number of merchants assigned to marketplaces. This accumulation goes on up to a limit of Food 300, Wood 200, Stone 10 and Iron 5.

  • Food Food is exchanged at a rate of Kröwns 2 per unit
  • Wood Wood is exchanged at a rate of Kröwns 3 per unit
  • Stone Stone is exchanged at a rate of Kröwns 40 per unit
  • Iron Iron is exchanged at a rate of Kröwns 50 per unit

The Marketplace also allows you to assign 2 Merchant Merchants, who produce Kröwns 2 Kröwns each. Their presence does not change how much resources cost, but affects how fast they replenish. The Lore Negotiation lore, however, halves the prices and speeds up accumulation by 20%.

Upgradebuildings Upgraded

  • Allows to recruit one more Merchant Merchant.
  • Increase Merchants Kröwns Kröwns production in the area by 20%.

Tips and tricks[ | ]

  • Marketplace upkeep cost is slightly smaller than that of Trading Post Trading Post, thus it may be more profitable to build first when you don't intend to set any TradingRoutesTrade Routes.

Notes[ | ]

  • Before v3.2.2.34082 patch, each marketplace had independant stockpile of goods available for purchase.