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UnitsBig 21.png
Hired for Kröwns, the mercenaries are not always reliable but they will bring havoc to any territory they attack.
Health.png 50
Attack Power
Attack Power.png 10
Defense.png 4
10 XP.png
200 Kröwns.png
Raven 78x78.pngMercenary is a unique unit of Raven clan

Area pillaged Resource earned
Empty areas or Townhall Food.png 50
Fertile Land.png Fertile Land or Deer.png Deers area Food.png 100
Circle of Stones or non-explored Ruins Lore.png 80
Forest Wood.png 50
Iron Deposit Iron.png 5
Stones Stone.png 5

Once it reaches Fame.png 500 Fame, Huginn and Muninn Huginn and Muninn can send mercenaries through its Harbor. They always go by four and will target any selected coastal area for the cost of Kröwns.png 200 Kröwns.

In return, they will plunder the area, earning resources to the Raven clan depending on the type of area. The resources are not actually stolen from the tile, e.g. raiding a coastal zone with an Iron.png Iron deposit does not deplete it.

Improve tools.png Mercenary weapon

  • They benefit from 15% resistance against projectiles.


  • Each (un-upgraded) mercenary is equal to (un-upgraded by Lore and Tools) Skirmisher combat-wise.
    • This should give you rough estimation of possible damage to Towers and civilians
  • It is not possible to send second raid on the same tile until first reaches it
    • It is possible to send both Mercenary Giants and Mercenaries on same tile respecting rule above
  • Once raid requested in Harbor, next (both left and right) click anywhere on any valid target tile will launch it and leave flag on click location
    • This flag is rally point for mercenaries
    • Ship will try to disembark mercenaries as close as possible to this flag

Conquest mode

Mercenary raids can appear in the form of an event of some battles such as Beyond the Sea. Depending on the difficulty selected, up to (11) mercenaries will randomly dispatch on your coastal zones.