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UnitsBig 07
The Merchant gathers krowns in Trading Posts and Market Places.
Health 50
Attack Power
AttackPower 5
Def 4
10 XP

Merchants are, alongside with sailors, one of the principal gold income source in the game. They can be acquired by tasking a Villager to work at the Trading Post or the Marketplace and will produce Kröwns 2 Kröwns by default.

Tips and tricks[ | ]


In order to build a strong economy, your merchants production can be improved in several ways and benefit from multiplicative bonuses.

  • Improve toolsTool improvement gives +15% bonus to all merchants.
  • Unlocking Coinage Coinage Knowledge gives +20% bonus to all merchants.
  • Upgrading a Trading post or Marketplace gives another +20% bonus for all the merchants on the tile.
  • Upgrading both Trading post and Marketplace on the same area gives +40% bonus for all the merchants on the tile. It is called a commerce center.
  • For Stag, with Dedication, to build a commerce center will earn you a +60% bonus for all the merchants on the tile instead of +40% since each of the upgraded building will benefit another +10% from Dedication.
  • Feast will give you another +20% of production.
  • Finally, beware that you will have a -20% malus for each of your injured merchant.

Bonus are always added by the game, never multiplicated.

For example, if you have Tool improvement with a Trading post and Marketplace on a same tile, you will earn a 15+20+20 = +55% bonus on production. Then each full healed merchant on this tile will then earn you 1.55*2 = 3.1 Kröwns per cycle or 6*3.1 = 18.6 Kröwns per month. An injured merchant with same conditions will only earn 1.35*2 = 2.7 Kröwns per cycle.

Other example, a full commerce center (Trading post and Marketplace both upgraded) with 6 healthy merchants will then produce 6*1.75*2 = 21 Kröwns per cycle (see Great Trading Route for comparison) or 6*21 = 126 Kröwns per month.

Merchant Kingdoms Icon

When being one of the kingdoms they instead work at a instead of a Trading post and Marketplace they work at the Mart which can evolve into a Retail Outlet and a Fairground they also look like this