Military Experience provides bonuses via xp points from defeating every enemy. When reaching 500 military experience, you’ll get to choose between 3 different military paths: The Tactician Path, the Guardian Path or the Conqueror Path.

Military PathsEdit

Each of the Military Paths features 3 different unlockable skills. Be careful: once you’ve chosen a path, you won’t be able to change it, so planning will be very important!

Military screen Northgard

The third and last level of each path should be quite hard to reach as it requires a total of 3000 xp (500 for the first one, 1500 for the second).

Tactician PathEdit

Icon Title Description Xp required
Leather Armor Reinforced Armor Military units have 10% chance of negating incoming attacks. 500
Bodyguard Bodyguard A bodyguard can be summoned to protect the Warchief (from an area containing any military camp). The Warchief gains +20% AttackPower Attack Power and 40% Def Defense. If the bodyguard dies, it can be summoned once again after a cooldown. 1500
Warcry Warcry Enemy units (non neutral) are feared for 3 seconds. The fear effect stops if when reaching the border of the tile. 3000

Guardian PathEdit


Each  Defense Tower adds +1 to your maximum  warband (+2 if upgraded). +100%  Military Experience per kill in an allied territory.

Suppressing Fire

Units within an area that contains an allied Defense Tower gain +30%  defense. You gain 1 free Tower Upgrade every year.

Call to Arms

Converts all civilians in the area into  Militia. They can't go outside of your territory.

Conqueror PathEdit

War Effort

Unlocks a Free Military knowledge.

Blood Bath

Each time one of your units dies in enemy territory, friendly units in the area gain  +5% attack and  +5% defense for 1 month. The effect is reset for the units going out of the territory.

War Veteran

  • Warriors have +20% health
  • Axe Throwers have +30% attack range
  • Shield Bearers reduce projectile damage by 30%
  • Skirmishers increase the decolonization speed by 5% each
  • Dragonkins generate some  Dragon Essence whenever killing enemy units

The Experience TableEdit

Every Unit in Northgard gives some XP when killed. The XP changes depending on what difficulty the player's is in. Please note that losing a clan member gives half the xp as killing one!

Type Unit XP Gain
Easy Normal Hard
Basic Clan


Villager 12 10 8
Villager with Tool 181512
Militia 181512


Warrior 242016
Shield Bearer 242016
Axe Thrower 242016
Skirmisher 242016
Spectral Warrior 484032
Mercenary 12108


Basic Defense Tower 484032
Upgraded Tower 907560
Warchiefs Warchief 12010080
Berserker 14412096
Shield Maiden 14412096
Signy, 15 years old 605040
Signy, 16 years old 968064
Signy, 18 years old 14412096


Wolf 12108
Draugr 302520
Bear 907560
Kaija, the Armored Bear 1028568
Valkyrie 12010080
Wyvern 600500400
Myrkalfar 484032
Jotunn 180150120
Kobold 12108
Blaïnn 240200160
Rock Golem 12010080
Events Destroy a Kobold Camp 180150120
Destroy a Myrkalfar Camp 180150120
Destroy a Jotnar Camp 180150120
Destroy a player’s Town Hall 180150120
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