Svartálfar (O.N. "black elves", "swarthy elves", sing. svartálfr), also called myrkálfar ("dark elves", "dusky elves", "murky elves", sing. myrkálfr), are beings who originated from Svartalfheim (Svartálf[a]heimr, "home of the black-elves"). Some of them, which encountered in the game, are migrated to Northgard at one point in the past and became the land's native inhabitants where they then made their presence known to Viking foreigners during Ragnarok. In contrast of their neighbors kobolds and Jötunn, myrkálfar inherently not trustworthy and it's ill-advised to make friendly contact with them.


Single Player (Ragnarok Map)Edit

Myrkálfar are shown wandering around tiles in Northgard, but they all came from Myrkálf Camp, which doubles as base of operation. As they will attack the foreigners with extreme prejudice, you must ensure your Vikings ready for confronting them and fortify your tiles at all times!

Single Player (Normal Gameplay)Edit

By second Winter Festival update, they now available in any Biome on normal playthrough.

Conquest ModeEdit

On Northgard Conquest, they are at the core of a battle named Myrkalfar uprising. They will attack you very frequently since the first year until you defeat or befriend them.


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