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Northgard Ragnarok

Overview[ | ]

Ragnarök refers to the first post-release major update which introduced the new eponymous gamemode alongside the Military Experience Military Experience mechanic and balancing. It was released on 2018-10-03. Patch notes can be found here.

Ragnarök map[ | ]

Ragnarök settles in the continuity of Rig's Saga. Ragnarök has been unleashed upon Northgard: players start on a devastated map where dangerous creatures lurk... It can be played either in single player or in multiplayer.

Changes to the map generation[ | ]

The central tile is replaced by the Volcano Volcano. It cannot be tamed or colonized, and will erupt hurling Rock Golem molten rocks across the map.

Naturals barriers such as cliff and ravines are much more frequent. Neighbours may sometimes be completely isolated from one another.

The ground is burnt and Fertile Land Fertile Lands are nowhere to be found, making Fish fish and Deer deer the only available food sources.

A new type of special tile can be found: the Ancient Graveyard. The Ancient Graveyard can be assigned two Loremaster Loremaster to produce lore. After some time studying the graveyard, two Spectral Warrior Spectral Warrior will be conjured in the area.

New units[ | ]

  • Hostile Spectral Warrior Spectral Warriors can appear during related event. They lower happiness in the territory they are standing by 10.
  • Rock Golem Rock Golem may appear in addition to other neutral units. They are a strong opponent that can deal damage-over-time attack.
  • Myrkalfar Myrkalfar can be found in the new Myrkalfar Camp. They are a neutral faction that can be traded Stone Stone or Iron Iron. They will regularly attack players, and can steal resources from across the map. Destroying their camp provides resources.

New random events[ | ]

  • Blood Moon: For the duration of one month, the attack of all units outside of their territory is increased by 50%.
  • Volcano Eruption : Molten rocks will fall on various tiles of the map. The number of molten rocks falling onto your territory will vary depending on the number of tiles you have colonized. Each molten rock holds Stone 10 Stone that must be mined within 4 months. If the molten rock is not mined, a Rock Golem Rock Golem will spawn with health proportional to the remaining stone.