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Northgard Relics.png

Overview[edit | edit source]

Relics are a special type of building and the central element of the second post-release major update. They allow players to benefit from special abilities or bonuses but need to be forged first by assigning Smith.png Smiths to a Forge.

  • A relic cost Kröwns.png 100, Wood.png 50 and Iron.png 10 and takes less than 9 months to be forged with two regular smiths. Once built it needs to be placed an area like a regular building.
  • It is not possible to build more than one relic per game. Only Svadilfari Horse clan can build a second one upon reaching Fame.png 500 .
  • Allies cannot build the same relic. It is not possible to steal another player's relic.

While some relics are common and can be built by any clan, others can only be built by one specific clan.

Common relics[edit | edit source]

In october 2019 AMA, developer team announced that more common relics may appear in the future.

Eldhrumnir (passive bonus)
Feast.png Feasts bonus is augmented by 20%, cost is reduced by 50%.
Units are healed during feasts
Mjölnir (ability)
Allows to blast one area with thunder. Damages any unit and building standing on the tile during slightly less than one month.
Costs 150 Food.png and 150 Kröwns.png
Cooldown.png Cooldown : 12 month
Svalinn (passive ability)
+50% Defense.png Defense for all units and Towers in the tile where the relic is built. The relic can be moved every month.
Protects the tile against negative events (such as Draugr invasion, mercenary raids, Mjölnir…)
Jörmunr (passive bonus + passive ability)
Generate additional Lore.png lore depending on the number of area under control.
Allows for colonizing with Lore (at half the food's price) Cooldown.png Cooldown : four months
Bragaful (passive bonus)
Produces Kröwns.png depending on the level of Commercial Influence.png Commercial Influence
Adds a tier 4 great trade route.

Clan specific relics[edit | edit source]

Hlidskjalf.pngStag round.png

Hlidskjalf (passive ability)
Warchief gains the Annexation ability. Whenever he takes part in decolonizing an enemy tile that is adjacent to your own territory, instead of becoming neutral land the decolonized tile automatically becomes yours at no cost. The buildings on it are still set on fire and can be repaired as usual.
Gefjun's Jar.pngGoat round.png

Gefjun's Jar (units summoning + passive bonus)
Allows for the construction of an additional Sheepfold.png Sheepfold.
Allows to summon villagers and sometimes sheep against food (10 second cooldown).
Cost is based on current population.
Each use reduce the Happiness.png happiness needs by 10%
Horn of Managarm.pngWolf round.png

Horn of Managarm (units summoning)
Summon up to 3 White wolf.png White wolf for 50 Food.png each. They have the same behaviour as skirmishers.
Cooldown.png Cooldown : 2 months, 1 month if built on a Wolves Cave.
Naglfar.pngRaven round.png

Naglfar (ability)
Allows to send a raid of two Son of Hrymr.png Son of Hrymr (mercenary giants with AoE attack) on a shore.
Cooldown.png Cooldown: 6 Months
Cost: 200 Kröwns.png
Scabbard of Gram.pngBear round.png

Scabbard of Gram (passive bonus)
Warchief gets Gram, the legendary sword and gains +15% Attack Power.png Attack Power and Defense.png Defense.
When attacking with Gram, enemies are frozen in AoE. When frozen, enemies get -20% Attack and movement speed.
Mask of Gullinbursti.pngBoar round.png

Mask of Gullinbursti (direct effect)
When built, reveals every forest tiles on the map and spawn a Giant Boar.png Giant Boar in all of them.
Giant Boars in ally territories are peaceful and can be sacrificed by the relic owner for 500 Food.png.
Gungnir.pngSnake round.png

Gungnir (passive ability)
Unlocks the Stealth Ability to all military units.
Stealthy units won’t get attacked by Defense Tower.png Defense Tower for 5 seconds when entering a tile.
Skull of Hrungnir.pngDragon round.png

Skull of Hrungnir(unit summoning)
Allows to summon Draugr Giant.png Draugr Giants
Cost : 200 Food.png 100 Kröwns.png
Cooldown.png Cooldown : one year
Dainsleif & Tyrfing.pngHorse round.png

Dainsleif & Tyrfing (passive bonus)
Warchiefs gain +20% mining and forging speed,
+20% Health.png, +20% Attack Power.png and +20% Defense.png

Edda of Vör.pngKraken round.png

Edda of Vör (direct effect + passive bonus)
Allows Norn.png Norns to earn Fame.png.
When the Relic is built, it gives 1 000 Wyrd.png.
Aegir.pngOx round.png

Aegir (ability)
Unlocks provocation ability for Torfin.png Torfin.
All enemy units and towers target Torfin during a short period and his defense is increased by 100% for 6 seconds.