Relic is a new feature and second major update of the game.


The knowledge of building Relics has just been rediscovered. Every clan can choose between 5 common Relics and each clan has one specific relic. Each clan can only have one relic per game and can only use the relic it creates.

To build a Relic, go to the Relic tab in the Forge menu and select the type of relic you want to build. Once it’s built, it will appear in the list of available buildings. Forging a Relic costs 10 Iron, 50 Wood and 100 Kröwns.

Common RelicsEdit

Relic Name Clan Effect
Eldhrumnir All
  • +40% Feast bonus
  • Feast price halved
  • Units are healed during feasts
  • The healing effect depends on the number of wounded people you have
Mjölnir All
  • Summon Thor's Wrath with thunder strikes
  • Damages units and building in the targeted tile
  • Cost: 150 Food and 150 Kröwns
  • Has a 12 month Cooldown
Svalinn All
  • +50% Defense for all units and Towers in the tile where the relic is built
  • Protects the tile against negative events (such as Draugar invasion, mercenary raids, etc…)
  • The relic can be moved
Jörmunr All
  • Lore production bonus depending on the player’s number of tiles
  • Maximum at 13 tiles => +20 Lore
  • Can colonize tiles with Lore
Bragaful All
  • Produces Kröwns depending on your Commercial Influence
  • Adds a new available Trade Route

Clan-Exclusive RelicsEdit

Relic Name Clan Effect
Gefjun's Jar
Gefjun's Jar Goat
  • Spend Food to summon villagers and sheep
  • Cost is based on your current population
  • Reduce the Happiness needed by your population by 10%
Horn of Managarm
Horn of Managarm Wolf
  • Summon up to 3 White Wolf from the relic tile
  • Cooldown 2 months, 1 month if built on a Wolves Cave
  • White Wolves have the same behavior as Skirmishers
  • Cost: 50 Food per wolf
Hlidskjalf Stag
  • Your warchief gains the ability Annexation: whenever your Warchief uncolonizes a tile, you will colonize it for free
Naglfar Raven
  • You can send Son of Hrymrs raids
  • The crows have AoE attacks, hurting and fearing enemies (1 out of 3 attacks) and get resources to players (like a regular raid)
  • Cooldown: 6 Months
  • Cost: 200 Kröwns
Scabbard of Gram
Scabbard of Gram Bear
  • Your Warchief gets Gram, the legendary sword and gains +15% AttackPower Attack Power and Def Defense
  • Gram freezes enemies when hit. When frozen, nearby enemies get -20% Attack speed and -20% move speed
Mask of Gullinbursti
Mask of Gullinbursti Boar
  • When built, a Giant Boar spawns in every forest on the map
  • Reveals every Forest tiles on the map
  • Giant Boars in ally territories are peaceful and defend you and your allies
  • When owning the Relic, Giant Boars can be sacrificed for 500 Food
Gungnir Snake
  • If you have unlocked a military path, you can unlock a new military path
  • Your military experience is common for both paths
Skull of Hrungnir
Skull of Hrungnir Dragon
Dainsleif & Tyrfing
Dainsleif & Tyrfing Horse
  • Your warchiefs gain +20% Attack, +20% Fame , +20% Health, +20% mining and +20% forge speed.
Edda of Vör
Edda of Vör Kraken
  • Allows your Norns to earn Fame.
  • When the Relic is built, it gives 1 000 Wyrd.
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