Resources are supply of money, food, and other assets to effectively functions players' clan.


There are 8 resources that the player must keep in mind as he/she expand and grow the villages:

  • Happiness Happiness - Will attract new Villagers to your Town Hall
  • Food Food - Is necessary to feed your clan. Stock up on food before winter. Avoid starvation at all costs
  • Wood Wood - Is used to construct buildings and as firewood, especially during winter
  • Kröwns Kröwns- Are used to recruit your warband and for building upkeep
  • Stone Stone - Can be used to upgrade your clan buildings.
  • Iron Iron - Is used to forge powerful weapons and to craft better tools.
  • Lore Lore - Lore discovered in Northgard will allow you to improve your clans knowledge.
  • Fame Fame - Increase your Fame to unlock Clan specific bonuses.
  • Military Experience Icon Military Experience - Increase your Clan's military strength
  • Dragon Essence Dragon Essence - Mystical essence endowed by the gods clr various economic and military bonuses, Happiness Happiness management, and importantly, the source of Dragonkin's powers (Dragon Clan only).

Be mindful of how the game represents production. It will give numbers in the +[number] format. This [number] needs to be multiplied by 6 to know how much exactly is added per month. (e.g. +3 food production is roughly 18 per month)

For a complete overview of exact production and consumption numbers, this chart can be used.

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