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The scout allow the player to discover new tiles.
Attack Power
AttackPower0 (They cannot attack)

Recruited at the Scout Camp, the scouts will discover new lands to settle as well as new dangers and resources. They are the only units that can search Ruins and Shipwrecks.

Scouts occasionally take damage when scouting. Sending injured clan members scouting is an effective way to get rid of them for good.

The scout camp upgrade is needed to scout enemy territory.

Scouts will run to their target if commanded manually, otherwise they will walk. The scout tools upgrade from the Forge makes scouting 15% faster and makes the scouts run between exploration points.

Scouting takes longer the further away the target tile is from your Town Hall. The closest tiles take 20 seconds, tiles on the next layer take 60 seconds and tiles on the third layer take 80 seconds. Multiple scouts can be ordered to scout the same tile simultaneously. Two scouts explore a tile in half the time.