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Relic - Skull of Hrungnir
Skull of Hrungnir.png
Create this Relic in the Forge. Once forged, the Relic will appear in your available building list.
Iron.png 10, Kröwns.png 100, Wood.png 50
Upkeep Cost
Kröwns.png 0 (yearly)
Dragon round.pngSkull of Hrungnir is a unique relic of Dragon clan

Summons a mighty (but slow) Draugr Jötunn. Activating the relic costs Food.png 200 Food. Several Draugr Jötunn can be controlled but it has a Cooldown.png one year cooldown.

As of sword and solace update the Draugr Jötunn is now a Draconic Jötunn which has the whirlwind ability from the upgraded Dragonkin and is faster attacking