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Spectral Warrior
UnitsBig 52
An intricate Seidr burial ritual can bring back the soul of a warrior who didn't die in battle, so that they can fight for glory one last time and find peace.
Health 50
Attack Power
AttackPower 5
Def 10, Projectile miss chance: 50%
40 XP
Kröwns 150 Iron 5

These undead Vikings are dangerous foes whose mere presence within your borders generate a Unhappy -10 Happiness malus. Projectiles have 50% chances missing them.

In the Neustria map they are called anaons

Also on the conquest map Dystopia 10% of your units will turn into Spectral Warriors every year.

  • Hostil' appears during an event, 1 to 3 Spectral Warrior Spectral Warrior attacking one of each player shore tile.
  • Lyngbakr Kraken clan has the ability to target a player with an attack of 5 Spectral Warrior Spectral Warriors thanks to the HorgrHörgr.

  • Friendly ones can be obtained from working Loremasters in an Ancient Graveyard.
  • Lyngbakr Kraken clan, after unlocking of Fame 500 Fame bonus, have a 30% chance of making Spectral Warrior Spectral Warrior out of each killed enemy unit on neutral or enemy territory. He can control maximum 7 of them.