"An intricate Seidr burial ritual can bring back the soul of a warrior who didn't die in battle, so that they can fight for glory one last time and find peace."
― Spectral Warriors

Spectral Warriors are ghastly undead Vikings who've returned to the land of the living to fight for glory one last time. In life, they were warriors whose ships sank into the great depths while on their way to Northgard, stripping them of the chance to fight a glorious battle, resulting in their undeath state.

These undead Vikings are dangerous foes, whose mere presence within your borders will reduce your clan's Happiness. Projectiles have 50% chances missing them.


Single Player (Ragnarok Map)Edit

Hostile Spectral Warriors will occasionally invade the coastline in your territory. They have very high defense and are not easily hit by projectiles. As allies, they can be added into your warband where they will prove useful to help you clear your surroundings of enemies.

Vikings are highly superstitious and your clan’s happiness will be reduced by 10 as long as they are in your territory. They can be acquired after investigating Ancient Graveyard.

Single PlayerEdit

As of post Ragnarok updates, they appeared not only as part of Spectral Warrior Invasion Disasters, but also summoned by Clan of the Kraken's Ancient Spirit ability via use of the Wyrd Wyrd relic.


  • Relic Update: Specter Warrior's Def defense has been reduced to 10.
  • Second Winter Festival update: now featured in any Biome instead of only beaches.


  • Spectral Warriors are the second undead unit introduced in the game; the first being Draugr (discounting Draugr Jötunn).
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