Spectral Warriors are ghastly undead Vikings who returned to the land of the living to fight for glory one last time. These undead Vikings are dangerous foes whose mere presence within your borders will reduce your clan's Happiness. Projectiles have 50% chances missing them.


Single Player (Ragnarok Map)Edit

Hostile Spectral Warriors will occasionally invade the coastline in your territory, in which you must quickly dispatch them. They have very high defense and are not easily hit by projectiles. As allies, they can be added into your warband where they proved useful to help you clear your surroundings of any enemies. However, because vikings are highly superstitious, your clan’s happiness will be reduced by 10 as long as they are in your territory! They can be acquired after investigating Ancient Graveyard.


  • Spectral Warriors are second undead unit introduced in the game, the first being Draugr.
  • Spectral Warriors are arguably based on Haugbui. The haugbui (from haugr meaning "howe" or "barrow") was a mound-dweller, the dead body living on within its tomb