Special technology of the Snake clan (Sváfnir).

Single use.

When choosing this technology, a selection window appears.

You can then choose one special trait (listed below) from any of the clans in Northguard - even ones that aren't currently in the match. (Therefore it is assumed this works more like an "imitation", not actually denying an opponent a technology. Feel free to test it though!)

Afterwards, the chosen trait replaces "Stolen Lore" in the tech tree.

Special traits Edit

  • [Wolf] Field Rations
    • Reduces your military unit's Food consumption by 75%.
  • [Goat] Industrious
    • Food-producing buildings can be assigned an additional villager if they are upgraded.
  • [Stag] Food Preservation
    • Increases Food production by +3 and Happiness by +1 for each Food Silo (+5 Food if upgraded)
  • [Raven] Journeymen
    • Increases your happiness based on the areas you have explored.
  • [Bear] Harpoons
    • Fisherman's Hut can have one more Fisherman, and their production is increased by 25%.
  • [Boar] Legacy
    • Altar of Kings production and Happiness +50%
  • [Dragon] Deagonic Frenzy
    • +100% Attack Power for a military unit with no other military allies in their zone.
  • [Horse] Ancestral Influence
    • Relics don't use a building slot.
    • Zones with or adjacent to an active relic gain 5% prod.
  • [Kraken] Knowledge from Beyond
    • Reveals all neutral faction.
    • All trade routes give you +3 Lore.
    • Trade routes with neutral factions earn you +20% more Köwns.
    • Allows Trade Routes (currently bugged as of 20200112)
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