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Overview[edit | edit source]

Story mode narrates Rig's adventures across the newfound continent of Northgard. It consist of 11 chapters that will teach players some basic mechanics of the game and offer an introduction to the lore of the world and its protagonists.

This article contains spoilers.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Upon his saga, Rig will encounter various heroes acting as bannermen for their clan. They are customised version of Warchief.png Warchief, with same stats and behaviour. They can be unlocked for all gamemodes by finishing all chapters in expert difficulty and completing all bonus objectives.

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Exodus[edit source]

Available clans
Stag clan
Bonus objectives
Upgraded tools.png Acquire a minimum of Food.png 500 Food
Upgraded tools.png Explore all Damaged House.png Damaged Houses
Upgraded tools.png Build the port before year 3


We have safely escaped to a remote region. We must now reach the shores of Northgard.

You are in a safe, remote area, where you will learn how to survive and expand.

  • Scout the map until you find the northern shore
  • Build a dock on the shore to leave the mainland

Foothold[edit source]

Available clans
Stag clan
Bonus objectives
Upgraded tools.png Reach Happiness.png 6 Happiness
Upgraded tools.png Destroy all Wolves Caves
Upgraded tools.png Trade Food.png Food and Wood.png Wood with Halvard via 2 TradingRoutes.pngTrade Route for at least one month each


Northgard is a harsh continent. We must tame these lands, lest we be forgotten by history.

Freshly settled in a newland, you will have to deal with new foes, thrive and help someone in need.

  • You'll first have to colonize 8 territories and reach Fame.png 200 Fame
  • Once your exploit start to be renowned, another clan leader will ask for your help !
  • Send your military units to kill all Wolf.png Wolfs around Halvard's settlement to win his trust

Fimbulvinter[edit source]

Available clans
Stag clan
Goat clan
Wolf clan
Raven clan
Bear clan
Boar clan
Bonus objectives
Upgraded tools.png Build at least 6 upgraded Defense Tower.png Defense Towers
Upgraded tools.png Survive without building a Defense Tower.png Defense Tower
Upgraded tools.png Do not allow any of your allies to fall


We have reached Bergelmir's Throat, the narrow pass opening on Bifröst. Winter seems to know no end here.

You have to be quick in building your settlement and its defences for the army of the dead will rise :