"I can... FEEL your presence. Yes... YOURS."
― Svarn

Svarn is a Warchief and bannerman of Clan of the Boar.

He led a half of his people who were not swayed by Hvedrung's campaign to destroy the Gods of Asgard. In the ensuing rebellion, Rig and Liv saved him and his followers just as Hvedrung's army came close in destroying him like he almost did to Stag Clan and Rig's family. He provides the newly crowned High King unparalleled knowledge about Old Ways as they set out for Runestone of Asgard for the answers and later, to stop his nemesis' evil plans.

During the confrontation against a Hrimgandr who stands between them and the Runestone of Asgard, it's revealed that Svarn developed a strong fear towards the beast, having dreamed his eventual confrontation with it for a long time. Apparently, unlike when he and his allies finally confront it for real, the battle against the Hrimgandr in said dream was a rather hopeless one. Fortunately, by the time he managed to overcome his fear, they have an advantage in form of Borgild who knows how to defeat the beast, though the fight is still a difficult one.

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